Anti-Globalism all over the world

Information from Donbass can be obtained here: -. - - - - -

Save Donbass People From Bandera Fascists and American olonization 



Appeal against the Intervention to Syria


Occupy Wall-street. Petition

NATO is the source of the state terrorism. Declaration of the CPRF.

Historic Speech of Gaddafi to UN General Assembly, 2009

Shock and awe NATO celebration of the 69th anniversary of Muammar Khaddafi

'Orange' all over the Middle East

Israeli 'Security' Firm ICTS Helped Provide 'Security' at Russia's Domodedovo Airport

M.Glogoczowsky  Grunwald/Tannenberg 1410 what has left for us from this old victory?

Long live the V-Day

E.Borisova Katyn for dementia

J.Elsaesser Bombenterror (in German)

The International Conference 'Let the Earth live!'

Texts of the participants of the conference 'Let the Earth live!' (English)

Comments on the conference

New book on Iran


The Left Social Activist Sergey Pchelintsev Deprived of His Three Children for Being Poor

Israel Shamir Winnie the Pooh on Immigration and Race

Deanna Spingola The Bush Familys Project Hammer
Tom Engelhardt Doings of LORD of Hosts of Prostitutes: Obama's Nobel Prize Peace Plan in Afghanistan

Walter DuBlanica World War II - quantified.

Samir Amin  The ecology issue and would-be sustainable development

 La verite nue (nacked truth)

UNITED FOR TRUTH - new protests


It goes about fascism (The plan Barbarossa for Russia and the world)

Protests in Grecee (View from inside)


Stop war on Iran

Call by the Ad Hoc Committee
for a New Bretton Woods

Russia won't yet recognize Transnistria independence

Lyndon LaRouche on World crisis

Tortures in Spain

Lyndon LaRouche Save the US Republic from British Empire (webcast on Oct. 10.07)

Gush Shalom calls for an immediate  ceasefire with Hamas in Gaza

September 22 - rallies and manifestations against chipping of humans

Conference in Canada to re-examine 9/11 and the War on Terror

MEP horrified at events in Tallinn

Fidel Castro Talks and the Media Jumps
By Circles Robinson* 

Thierry Meyssan*Angela Merkel, a Neocon as President of the European Union
Evgueni Primakov: The second stage of the Russian recovery has started

M.Warschawski The Neo-Barbarians

Rafael Correa' inaugural speech

Salim Lamrani The case of the false Cuban political exiles

Izraeli instructors in Kurdistan

J.Petras Bomb plot directed against 9 airplanes

J.Petras Dual conflict

Lebanon as a new target

Ahmed Ben Bela on antiglobalism

IAcenter - US anti-globalists

Lyndon Larouche answers

The Day of the Anti-Globalist Resistance 2010

News from Poland



The Anti-Globalist Resistance (chronicles, documents, contacts)

2002- 2003 Moscow Chronicles

2004 Moscow Chronicles

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2007Moscow Chronicles

2008 Moscow Chronicles

2009 Moscow Chronicles

Save the humanity for the sake of mankind (An invitation to the International Conference against globalization) 2009

Invitation to the 3d All- Russia Forum of Anti-Globalists. Preliminary program. The information about the forum. Resolutions

Conference on the Re-integration of the USSR (call for papers)

Free Milosevic! In memoriam Committee for the commemoration of Slobodan Milosevic

Conference "Five Years of the Globalization and Anti-globalism" Greetings by Lyndon LaRouche

The documents of the Anti-Globalist Resistance

Resolutions of the 2nd Forum.

Declaration of the Anti-Globalist Resistance

Greetings to Mumbai 2004 meeting of the Antiimperialist Camp

Greetings to participants of protest actions against S8 in Scotland

Greetings to Bolivarian Camp


An Answer to the Challenges of the 21st Century (The Leningrad Charter)

The Day of the Anti-Globalist resistance (appeal)

The Day of the Anti-globalist Resistance (slogans)

The Committee "For truth on 9/11"


The Documents of the Antiimperialist Camp (Assisi)

The Program of the Forum Assisi 2004

The news of the Antiimperialist camp

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January 2006

Build a Bolivarian Anti-imperialist Camp

October 2006

Support Hugo Chavez

2007 Conference on Middle East (program) Greetings to the Conference on behalf of the antiglobalist resistance. Resolution

Stop war on Iran before it begins: sign the letter to Bush.


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