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Colloque Internationale Decembre 3-4





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Konferencija 3-4.12.09


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3-4 2009.

Let the Earth live!

From confrontation of civilizations to their co-operation

 Conference December 3-4  2009

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Baburin Serguei

Ivashov Leonid


Samir Amin


Lindon LaRouche

Israel Shamir

Borislav Milosevic

and others

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Save Human Dignity For The Sake Of Mankind

Appeal of the organizers


Changes happening in the world today are going in an alarming direction.

The world economic system is threatening to collapse. We are witnessing ecological disasters. The mass-media and pop-culture are leading to a degradation of the human mind and conscience.

While these processes have objective causes, at the same time they can be influenced by persons or groups. One can notice attempts at such influence, which very often go against traditional morality. Such attempts include the new nomads project, and the segregation of an elite from their  new slaves, who are supposed to toil and consume bread and circuses, having forgotten their roots, ideals and principles.

 Steps towards such a future are being taken  now. Among them are stupefying trends in the media, developing of total digital control of human beings using video surveillance and implanted chips, laws setting children against  their parents, and many others. These things are being done by the transnational financial oligarchy, in an effort to make way out of the world crisis, yet preserve their leading position in the world at the expense of other people.

 The majority of people disagree with such a prospect. And it is still possible to avoid such a threatening future, counterposing to it  and a project based on respect for the value of all human beings. That was the basic principle of Christianity and many other confessions, becoming the leading moral tendency in modern history.

 We propose to discuss the forthcoming changes at a  round table, inviting politicians, humanitarians, and public activists, who realize the danger and support the principle of respecting the individual and national traditions, while seeking better ways for the future development of mankind.

 On the agenda for discussion will be both desirable and inadmissible trends occurring in todays world, as well as the measures necessary to avoid the most threatening options. The social and political forces which can  cooperate for this purpose must be found and united.

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 This proposal is supported by Academy of Geopolitical Studies (Moscow), 'the Anti-Globalist Resistance' (Russia), the European Peace Convention, the International Slavic Committee and other organizations.


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The press-conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the anti-globalist actions took place in the  Independent press-center . The participants declared the preparations for the conference "Let the Earth live!" Photo.

Record of the conference (Russian, English, Serb)


10.00 opening . S.N. Baburin Rector of the RSUTE, deputy-speaker of the 2 and 4 Duma, deputy-president of the Russian Peace Foundation, the chief of the Organizing Committee

10.30 Plenary session

Lyndon LaRouche (USA) The way to avoid the collapse (video)

N.M.Vitrenko (Ukraine, PSPU, leader) Ukraine and the world crisis

Gen. L.G.Ivashov (Academy of geopolitical problems )The political situation and the world crisis.

J.Elsaesser ( Germany, Volksinitiative, leader)

T.L.Shishova  (Russia, author, Anti-Globalist Resistance and Narodny Sobor) Globalisation and the destruction of the family.


Israel Shamir (Israel, author) How to Save the World in Ten Easy Steps,

Step One

Zarko Tomanovic (Montenegro, Evropski pokret Nasi koreni, leader)

O.A.Yakovleva, (Russia, Lawyer, assistant of the Deputy) The laws that cause the anti-constitutional revolution.


12.30 13.00 Coffee break


13.00 Plenary session

H.Zepp-LaRouche (USA)

M. Poumier (France) The African traditional confessions.

K.N. Sokolov (Russia, Academy of geopolitical problems) Scripts of globalization for the immediate future

Marek Glogoczowski (Polska)   Inanimate 'Deutero' ("Staying behind") Animator of Western Global Empire.

B.Milosevic (f.ambassador of Yugoslavia in RF) Globalization and Europe

Mishal Haddage (Lebanon) Middle Orient, Lebanon and Globalisation


V.E.Khomyakov (Russia, Narodny Sobor).

L.Savin (Russia, Eurasian movement) Globalization for sake of peoples

S.A.Stroev (Russia, CPRF)

K.V. Sivkov (Russia, Academy of geopolitical problems)

I.S.Yatsenko (Russia, Deputy- Chief of the Organizing Committee)

V.E.Volchkov (Russia, Academy of Nebopolitics)


M.Donchenko, A.Podrezov (AKM-TR, Institute of Economics) The Russian Youth during the Globalisation.

Jole Stanisic (International Union of Slavic Journalists) 


15.30 Discussion, approving of documents. Press-conference.


 New projects:

Juergen Elsaesser (Hrsg), IRAN - Fakten gegen westliche Propaganda (IRAN - Facts against western propaganda)
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Julian Rose "Changing Course for Life - Local Solutions to
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" ( the case for a new 'peoples movement' to
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