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Save the humanity for the sake of mankind

 An appeal for a discussion

Trends of now-a-days changes are alarming.

 The world economic system threatens to collapse. We witness ecological disaster. The mass-media and pop-culture lead to the degradation of human conscience.


These processes have objective causes, and at the same time they can be influenced by some persons or groups. One can notice the attempts of such influence and very often they contradict traditional ethics. We mean the projects of  new nomades, segregation of elite and new slaves who are supposed to toil and consume bread and show having forgotten their roots, ideals and principles.


The steps towards such a future are made now. These are debilising tendencies  of mass-media, total digital control of human beings with the help of video and implanted chips, laws opposing children to their parents and many others. They are made by the transnational financial oligarchy, who make way out of the world crisis preserving their leading position in the world at the cost of other mankind.


The majority of people disagree with such prospects. And there is still possibility to avoid threatening future and to propose the project based on estimation of all human beings that was the basic principle of Christianity and many other confessions and became the leading ethic trend of the latest history.


We propose to discuss the forthcoming changes at the round table and invite there politicians, humanitarians, public activists, who realize the danger and support the estimation of a person and national traditions searching the desirable scripts of the future.


It is supposed to discuss desirable and inadmissible trends of the now-a-days processes and necessary measures to avoid the threatening variants. The social and political forces that are able to co-operate in this activity are to be found and united.


To take part in the discussion one should address to


This proposal is supported by Academy of geopolitical studies (Moscow), Anti-Globalist Resistance (Russia), European peace Convent, International Slavic Committee and other organizations.


We invite you to our website   If you need an invitation for obtaining visa of the Russian Federation, please hurry up!


If Russia seems too far then let us meet in virtual space: You can write in any language we shall understand each other.


We thank you for any input to the struggle against the new world order!


Anti-Globalist Resistance

+7-495-501-09-75  (in Russian pls)

Post box 542 Moscow 107061 Russia

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