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‘Katyn’ for dementia




To 600 thousand Soviet soldiers perished by liberating Poland from German fascists


Speaking about myths that are necessary for ‘every thinking person’ – Al-Qaeda and 9/11, ‘murderer Milosevic’ and ‘chemical weapon in Iraq’ – one cannot help mentioning Katyn.


For decades the ‘civilized nations’ supported the version of the slaughter near Smolensk that was prepared by Goebbels. According to it some 3 thousand Polish officers who had been captured after the war of germany against Poland and imprisoned near the village Katyn were shot by ‘bloody Soviets in 1940. What for? Such question about the Soviet authorities seemed stupid: because of being murderers by nature.


When I learned this version I hardly thought that it was invented by Goebbels. To tell the truth being a Soviet person interested in history I had heard that after the liberation of this territory there worked the Soviet commission headed by worldly famous Surgeon N.Burdenko who proved that the capital punishment (or simply murder) had taken place in autumn 1941 and had been committed by Germans. But that time – in 80ies – it was considered mauvais ton to believe to the Soviet propaganda. So no representative of intelligentsia whould deny the Goebbels version. As for other 250 million of the Soviet people they paid no attention to the death of some thousands of Poles while 600 thousand of Soviet soldiers were killed in Poland during the World War 2. It could easily occur that some innocent were shot by  NKVD - we know that was possible that time. But it was not worth discussing every case while so many Poles were killed by Germans and it was the Red Army that stopped that.


The Katyn myth was the first in the long line of  myths, that helped to destroy the bipolar World. It goes without saying Katyn helped much to abolish socialism  in Poland – and this was the first step in establishing the Brave new world, as the important feature of it was ‘war is peace etc. see Orwell ‘1984’ And it had worked with Katyn and was used with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Al Qaeda –to be continued.


When I decided to learn more about this event I was very much astonished as the evidences that Germans had committed this crime were irresistible. EG. The Poles were shot with the German gun Walter. At first the Russian dissidents who having captured the power in Russia wanted to find ‘traces of NKVD’ declared that the German guns had been used to masque the role of the Soviet ‘organs’. That was stupid. And when Yuri Muxin who wrote on this topic found that out, the ‘Russian side’ (that should rather be called anti-Russian)  invented another explanation: “ the case with guns was brought to Katyn and 2 other camps as the Walter shot better’ It is no less stupid that the previous version. When Muxin denounces that the new version will be invented.

The main testimony of the Goebbels version now is: the Russian side agreed with the accusation. Putin himself excused for the crime of the Soviet Union. Maybe this ‘logic’ will work for the Western readers – not for us. We know very well that our ‘democratic’ authorities are ready to agree with any lie if they find it good for them. And either interests of Russia and or the truth have nothing to do with their declarations (and the same can be said about many other contemporary leaders cannot it?).


Katyn myth works. It helps to make Poland the serv of NATO, to used its land for the NATO military bases, to deepen the conflict between Slavic nations. It will bring new victims. Untill once it is declared by Polish rational persons: ‘It is garbage. How could we let the anti-Polish forces play with our Past and Future!?’

Elena Borisova, Prof.


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