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An Answer to the Challenges of the 21st Century


(The Leningrad Charter)


         Globalization—the spread of western civilization all over the Earth—is portrayed as a benefit for mankind. But real life reveals quite a different picture: the countries of the “golden billion,” which have looted the rest of humanity and are stifling other civilizations, have run into a dead end.

            Technological progress has generated a great number of threats to the existence of mankind as a species. Society is undergoing spiritual degradation. Moreover, the population of the “golden billion” countries is increasing only through immigration. When nations die out, that symptomizes a civilizational blind alley.

            Since it into this doomed civilization that the West is driving all of the Earth’s inhabitants, it is becoming a real possibility that all mankind will perish.

            All over the world, diverse groups of people have been worried about such unhappy prospects for a long time. There is growing resistance to a globalized future, which is also called the New World Order. This resistance comes from the leaders of a number of countries, from representatives of public organizations, and from ordinary people on our planet. The diversity of civilizations that remains, offers us values and ideas, which can help mankind escape from the looming dead end.


                                          Basic Principles


1.         Money, which used to serve as an incentive for the development of civilizations, has broken out from the constraints of being an instrument and has taken on a life of its own. There are attempts to replace the entire abundance of human relations, with money. But man must not be reduced to the function of a mere source of profit.

The basic areas supporting human life—security, health care, education, science and culture—must be removed from the realm of money and commodity relations.

            The rights to housing and to a minimum level of nutrition are inalienable human rights.


2.         Over 90 % of all financial turnover has no connection with production. The absolute power of the dollar, which has real backing of only 4% of its face value, makes the financial collapse of the globalized economy inevitable. Nations should reach a new agreement on currency parity and ban trading in financial derivatives (securities that are not directly connected with production).


3.         The guarantee of humanity’s success and security is diversity. Therefore all civilizational and national characteristics must be carefully protected; the guarantee that this will be done is national sovereignty. The erosion of sovereignty by international organizations must be resisted. No country should be declared a “pariah.” No one should declare themselves the guarantor of maintaining order in the world. No one has the right to interfere in the affairs of other sovereign nations, especially not with the use of military force.


4.         Technological progress has made it possible to create a society of total control, using information about individuals, accumulated on electronic storage media, which can be placed on smart-cards or even implanted subcutaneously. Preventing this requires rejecting personal identification numbers for citizens, the entry of biometric data on passports, and the further development of technologies for monitoring individuals.


5.         The information war being waged through the mass media, advertising and popular culture does irreparable damage to people’s mental health, and destroys the spiritual and intellectual world of every person. It is necessary to stop the moral corruption of society.


            Advertising, which lies in wait for people everywhere these days, must immediately be removed from the press, from television, and from the streets, and put into special publications. The mass media and popular culture must be brought under public control, while the mass dissemination of outstanding examples of literature and art is promoted.


6.         Use of the achievements of science and technology should be regulated by moral imperatives, since many such achievements—genetic engineering, the creation of climate weapons, and mind control—are already a great danger to humanity. It is therefore necessary to revive traditional social ties and institutions: families, nations, religions, and the restoration of ties between generations, which contributes to the strengthening of moral values.


            The competition society must yield to a society of cooperation on Earth. A society based on cooperation makes possible the most efficient use of resources, and corresponds to a concept of humane relations between people. Only a world, based on mutual respect among individuals, as well as among nations, is capable of overcoming the threats to the survival of humanity.


Anti-Globalist Resistance  July 2006