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News from Poland 


by "Gasienica"


2. Yesterday, March 24th, we had the eleventh anniversary of the beginning of NATO's "friendly war" against Yugoslavia, and from internet I learned that my friends from Moscow made an illegal manifestation in front of Moscow's US embassy[i]. As someone still recalls it, the pretext for these wicked "friendly" NATO bombings, which destroyed the Yugoslavia infrastructure, killing about 3 thousands civilians of this tiny country, was the "Racak massacre" of circa 40 Albanian partisans, which entered Kosovo from Albania, being previously trained for their murderous tasks in Germany and in Switzerland, by US Secret Services. Eleven years ago, despite lasting for 3 months terrorist bombings, Yugoslav Army did not surrendered to NATO forces, and only the help of Jeltzin's Russia permitted NATO commanders to save their "brave military coward" faces. So yesterday, not only in Moscow, but also in other European cities  was celebrated "NATO's  DAY OF SHAME": thanks to NATO occupation of Kosovo, about two hundred thousands of its native, since centuries, Serbian dwellers were expelled, and substituted principally by Americans, which installed in this province the biggest outside US mainland military base "Bondsteel".

3. The habit of starting of wars by a provocation, in which are purposefully killed USA allies or even US Army members, was repeated over and over during USA short but murderous history. Very recently I saw a short film demonstrating that in 1967 president Lyndon B. Johnson ordered Israeli aviation to bomb and to sink the American reconnaissance vessel "Liberty". This in order to blame for its sinking the Egyptian Air Force, and to obtain a pretext to involve the USA in a war with Egypt, on the side of Israel. See:

4. In last two decades practically all major social disturbances in the world had their origin in secret actions of US government sponsored "human rights watching" agencies. To mention only all these "color revolutions", which were transforming decaying socialist regimes in Eastern Europe and Asia into fully USA-obedient "banana republics", rotten by an incredible corruption, like Georgia or Polska today. In this deceitful manner, THE  UNIFORM  UNIPOLAR  WORLD under the leadership of "New Holy Trinity" of US-GB-IL is being constructed.


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