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2009 Moscow Chronicles


May 1 and May 9 (Victory Day)

Anti-globalists took part in rallies organised by CPRF with slogans 'No to NATO', 'Globalisation leads to catastrophe'.


March 24

The activists of "Anti-Globalist Resistance' together with the pro-Serbian organisation 'Kosovo front' posted a picket near the Ambassy of the USA in Moscow to commemorate the victims of NATO bombardments of Yugoslavia. This date was proclamed the Day of the Anti-Globalist Resistance.

March 23

The conference in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the resistance of Yugoslavia and their supporters against the NATO bombardments was held in Moscow in the Hall of the Union of Russian Authors. The conference was attendent by the 1st Council of the Ambassy of Serbia Ranko Pavlovich, Montenegro poet Jole Stanisic, M.Kuznetsov, chairman of the Non-governmental tribunal on crimes of the NATO in former Yugoslavia, by activists of Slavic, communist and Orthodox groups.Photo


February 25

The discussion  'The world is before the abyss. What is to be done?" was held in Moscow. Philosophers, publicists, journalists I.Gundarov, V.Vinnikov, K.Sokolov, A.Ivanov and others revealed the roots of the world crisis and the plans of its overcoming.


The news-paper 'Planet Anti-globe' was registrated as a legal media . The 1 number of the  renovated news-paper was printed and was beeing sold/