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Rambler's Top100




Guess why?


First edition, we were 200 and had some media attention, some nice articles in national press mostly Flemish. Second edition we were close to 500 and had no (officials) media attention at all.
This Friday at noon we were "only" 150 at first gathering but this time lot of  media came to us,
guess why…



Till now already two short news on national television (@9min54sec) and on regional channel reported.
Some will say this won't help the movement image (are they blind?), others will notice the news and comments were short but clear and respectful.
And both will have to admit that at least this time they were forced to report that some do ask for an independent investigation and the end of the war and fear politics …Never forget humour is a very efficient medium and weapon!

Also those who participate to those gatherings or mobilization know how much those 3 minutes of the "Naked Truth Operation", were only short 3 minutes from hours of discussions, meeting, contacts, months of information or flyer distribution, years of an ongoing work…
This was only the funny-media-tramp an it worked fine!

The most important was all you won't see on TV: the large, constructive and interesting discussion we had together and specially with all the journalists that came as their boss asked them to go and catch the "Naked Truthers".

All the contact we made, connection, new projects, the information and street education, all the flyers gave to people, the rap and DJ performance we enjoyed, etc., etc.

For all this we want to send you a big THANKS!
More reports and pics soon later...



Xavier: 00 32 478 46 84 45
Olivier: 00 32 477 257 255







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