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 The general breakdown-crisis

The truth of the presently onrushing, general breakdown-crisis of the present world monetary-financial system, can not be competently understood, nor remedies for that crisis found, unless we shift our attention from the apparent world-center of the present world financial crisis, away from that London sideshow curiously identified as the British government, to the real, global financial system which has controlled the world, including London, increasingly, since the U.S. Nixon Administration's August 15-16, 1971 collapsing of the Bretton Woods monetary system. Those persons, unfortunately including most of those individuals in the relatively highest political ranks of both our U.S.A. and many among today's other leading nations, who do not accept what I have just said, are thus continuing to show themselves as lacking any competence for judging the presently spiraling world financial breakdown-crisis....

Lyndon LaRouche

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