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On-line conference Berlin-Washington, DC.

QUESTION: Sept. 6 "spillover" question from Moscow

The Second All-Russian Forum of Anti-globalists adopted the

Leningrad Charter, "An Answer to the Challenges of the 21st

Century." It includes a call, based on the works of Mr. LaRouche,

to restrict the sale of financial derivatives and change the

world monetary system. Also included are points on the need to

ban advertising (except in specialized publications), and several

others. How realistic do you think it is for your and our

proposals to be implemented, under current conditions? How can

this be accomplished?

Prof. Yelena Borisova

Coordinator of the Anti-globalist



The excitement of the creative potentials of the generation which

must carry the mission of the coming two generations -- of the

coming fifty years, is crucial.

Since the death of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, the

dominant trend in the Americas  and Europe, in particular, has

been a post-1945 cult of Sophistry akin to that which led the

Greece of Pericles into its self-destruction, through its crimes

against the people of Melos, into the full spread of the

Peloponnesian War. We must reverse that kind of effect which has

ruined the hopes we had at the close of the defeat of Hitler's


Presently, I am pushing for the immediate reproduction of the

Sept. 6th event, including a DVD.  The point is to promote the

discussion of that event and its preparations, in preparing for a

new Berlin-Wash., DC event for very late October, or very early

November.  I hope to foster the growth of the discussion process

to the degree needed to make this useful for discussions within

and among governments