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Grunwald/Tannenberg 1410 – what has left for us from this old victory?

“Teutonic Knights  being sure of victory, begin to sing the combat song of triumph Christ ist erstanden (Christ is risen)”

– from a description of the central moment of battle of Grunwald, when the Polish flag with white eagle has fallen.

Introduction instead of „invocatio dei

Marc Chagall the internationally known painter of orthodox Jewish origin, who specialized in allegoric representations of biblical heroes, pictured the prophet Moses in very peculiar manner. On the picture on the left Moses has a face habitually associated with a devil with horns (like on sculptures of Michaelangelo in Vatican), on the picture on the right it has the “face” of a dog or even of a wolf.

http://www.affordableart101.com/images/chagall%20moses%20tablets.JPGMarc Chagall  Artwork


 What does this “beastly” looking face of Moses suggest? Few years ago I saw a film, about the wildlife in Tatra Mountains National Park, made by Slovak cameraman Pavol Barabas. It was documented on it how predatory animals – wolves and lynxes – roll themselves in feces of sheep and deer in order to hide their own scent, and to faciltate in this smart manner their huntings. This habit of predatory beasts might be a good zoological illustration of the manner the biblical Moses – and his gang of Levies – achieved the “invisibility” of their predatory behavior: these “god chosen bandits” carry Tablets with Decalogue as a kind of a shield-mirror reflecting all suspicions that it is them – and not the murdered by them golden calf (Apis) virility admirers – which were filled with insatiable greed and lust of power. Seen in this sociobiological manner the whole mosaic religion – and its modern variations, in particular the Western Christianity – reveal themself as a cult of antique Syrian/Arameic deity known as Mammon. This notion we have to keep in mind, when we observe how cruel used to be “peaceful regimes” established by Old Testament inspired saints, monks, priests and secular leaders, attempting to behave like “Chosen People”.

Is Christ risen in Poland, 600 years after his Knights were defeated at Grunwald?

In few days, on July 15, we will celebrate the 600 anniversary of Grunwald battle, In which will participate official governmental delegations from Poland and (small) Lithuania, but not the delegation from Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which today bears the name of Belorussia. Why? In the battle of Grunwald military units from Duchy of Lithuania – which In 1410 was deprived of occupied by Teutons, Samogitia (Zmudz) province of the present (small) Lithuania – formed the bulk of combined Polish-Lithuanian armed forces. Whom than represented Teutonic Knights, and whom united forces of the Crown of Poland and recently Christianized (only in 1386) Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the biggest at that time country of Europe?

The Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem was “a German Roman Catholic religious order. It was formed to” aid Catholics on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals to care for the sick and injured.” After lack of success of its mission in the Holy Land it was moved to Transylvania in 1211 to help defend Hungary against the Turks, and in 1226 it was invited to Poland to Christianize pagan Prussians and Lithuanians disturbing Poland’s northern borders. These Baltic tribes, similarly to their Scandinavian relatives further North, were worshipping at that time the Iron Hammer, with which Nordic god Thor (Slavic Perun) liberated the Sun imprisoned, by an evil god, in dark dungeon (or box). It is of interest that only five centuries after the final Christianization of Baltic tribes this „pagan” iron hammer reappeared at the emblem of Polish Socialist Party (PPS) in late 19-th century:


In the present day Poland „godless socialists” of late 19 and 20 century become practically “wiped out” from collective consciousness. The populace of the land between Oder and Bug rivers, is massively worshipping, like Teutonic Knights  six centuries ago, , the Virgin Mary as its (Jewish) Queen, while powerful corporation Radio Maryia is saturating Poland with its “always  virgin” moral spirit. We can thus say, without any exaggeration that 600 years after the defeat at Grunwald/Tannenberg, the Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem has finally achieved in Poland its final victory. Even the director of Radio Maryia, a very efficient businessman, father Rydzyk together with his Order of Redemptorists has come to Poland from Germany, soon after the victory of Solidarity. Crosses, which were hated by early Christians, and which suppose to symbolize the victory (?) of Christ the Redeemer, dominate at present not only at churches and at girls breasts, but also at nearly every hill in the country of Polanie (dwellers of forest clearings). Without any exaggeration we may say that only in contemporary Poland “(New) Teutons, being sure of their victory, are singing the battle song of triumph Christ is risen” – to quote the description of the battle of Grunwald 600 hundred years ago. It was a truly Christian battle, which began on both sides with the same hymen “God-bearer Virgin” sung respectively in Polish and in German, as pictured it Aleksander Ford in a film “Krzy¿acy”. (By the way, according to grown in Greek traditions of rationality, Nestorian bishops, which were “wiped out” from the Church already in 5-th century during consecutive “brigands’ Councils” in Ephesus, the very title of this pious hymen represents an utter lie. Insolent and earthly Moslems, which do not believe in durable virginity of married Mary, since already centuries are trying to make Christians attentive to this logical obstacle to everlasting chastity.)

Moreover, the liberated from the pagan, Bolshevik Joke of Reason, symbolized by the radiation of Red Morning Star, announcing the end of period of darkness and the rise of Sun, the FREE POLAND immediately engaged itself in a missionary activity, which is a straightforward continuation of a thousand years old tradition of crusades. In Iraq, as a member of the “coalition of willing” led by a very religious USA, Poles destroyed the godless, socialist party BAAS, which was ruling in this Arab country since more than 40 years; in Afghanistan our “soldiers of Christ”, which like crusaders centuries ago, move heavily protected by iron armor of their vehicles, are trying to eradicate the Muhammad heresy, claiming that God of Gods, Allah have saved Jesus from travail at the cross. And that due to this fact activities of all these Crusade Orders are a product of a collective psychopathy combined with a truly crazy, mosaist desire of domination everywhere.

Is the word of Jesus the Lucifer (Rev 22:16), really dead among folk pretending to be Christian?

It is worth to observe how systematically, during last two decades there were destroyed all socialist countries, which like Yugoslavia and USSR had in their emblems Red Morning Star, by (deutero)Isaiah 14:12 – and than by (God)Fathers of the Church – erroneously associated with Satan known in Latin as Lucipher, literally “bringing the light”. After the bloody, lasting for the whole ten years, dismantling of Yugoslavia, only three, relatively small political units are courageous enough to keep to the symbolic of Red Star, announcing the appearance of Light. They are the North Korean Peoples Republic, the acknowledged nowhere as a state, Republic of Dniester, and Belarus (see below):

Flag of SFR Yugoslavia.svg     Flag of North Korea.svg

Transnistria-coa.png     Coat of arms of Belarus.svg

And with these „rouge” countries (expression of St. Augustin in “Civitas Dei”), as well as with few other, not yet subjugated by “the West” Islamic republics, New Crusaders of today are continuing both covert and overt war. It is thus evident that in ceremonies organized in Poland at the occasion of 600 anniversary of battle of Grunwald, there were not invited representatives of Belarus government, “the black hole” at the map of Europe, which country remains in marasmus of outdated socialist “pagan” laws and habits. This principal part of the old Grand Duchy of Lithuania preserved not only folklore of institutions characterizing the “dead” at present socialism, but also, despite pressures of IMF, did not yet privatized its major industries, not speaking about its totally collectivized agriculture. Moreover, the government of Belarus is not kissing with devotion buttocks of the Lord of the World in the shape of USA, as do it all free, and thus capable of doing it, countries around the Planet. And last but not least, Belorussian president is elected without an earlier acceptation of his candidature by  M-KGB (Mammonist Koalition of World Businessmen), locally represented by Moscow’s corporation Gasprom.

600 years ago, against the might of ultra-catholic Order of Holy Mary, stood up a multinational and multireligious army, composed in its majority from still practicing offerings in front of their Holy Oaks, Lithuano-Russ mob. This mob was reinforced by worshipping Allah detachments of lightly armed Tartars, and by orthodox Christian regiments from Russian regions of Smolensk and Vitebsk. It means that for the good measure the “Jagiellonian” side of the Battle of Grunwald represents today president Lukashenka and supporting his regime Union of Poles of Belorussia (ZPB). In this geopolitical realm, the present LIBERALO-DEMOCRATIC CLERGYSTAN POLAND has nor yet the right to sing the song of triumph “Christ is risen”, for “Jagiellonian” detachments, albeit they backed behind the Bug river, they are still – like these Smolensk regiments in the Battle of Grunwald – giving resistance to subsequent “crusades invasions”. Be it these coming from Atlantic Ocean, be it from Pacific via “won to globalism” Moscow. These incursions of “new crusaders” since already more than dozens of years are attempting to eradicate this covered by forests “remnant” not only of Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita) Of Both Nations, but also of recently defunct Soviet Union.

What is more interesting, the ultra-catholic, In late medieval times, Western Christianity, since the period of Reformation takes ever more the outlook of known In distant Antiquity Phoenician and Hebrew cult of Mammon, “the unique god” of Moses’ Levies. This is the hardly concealed goal of “evangelization” for which are fighting, since nearly 1600 years, worshippers of the Cross, whose Godfathers in 415 bestially murdered criticizing them female philosopher Hypatia. In a recently published essay  „Civitas Dei, civitas diabolipriest dr Wojciech B³aszczyk In a following manner explained the origin of „missionary” behavior of the clergy, especially of the Western one: „In contradiction with antique religions, which had not missionary ambitions, and which were not speaking about the general salvation, but represented merely cults of local god, Christians wanted to bring to Christ people from every nation, and from all tribes (see Rev:7, 9). The universalist impetus to Christianity gave St. Paul, who knew the universality of Greek philosophy. It was St. Paul who the first began his mission among pagans.

What was, after few centuries, the fruit of this famous “mission to pagans”, probably in secrecy supported by Sanhedrin? The Church established by St. Paul, by adapting practices of “redemption of sins” elaborated by the priesthood at the Temple of Zion, in few centuries since its funding began to yeld quite remarkable profits. The recalling ordinary commerce of indulgences, “forgiveness of sins”, which demanded only the mindless, by a definition, faith in salutary value of Christ’s Passion, combined with a certain donation for a church furnishing sinners “the grace of God”, was automatically reinforcing all possible vices of population. On one hand it promoted the use of money permitting an easy redemption sins, and on another hand it was an overt invitation to persist in crimes, for which it was so easy to buy indulgence. Ennobled by the Cross, more important churches and orders soon become foci of brigandage and usury. To mention here the Order of Temple of Jerusalem qualified in Wikipedia as “the world's first multinational corporation”, with its financial activities (and swindles) preceding for centuries such predatory institutions like IMF and Goldman-Sachs Bank.

In this manner the articulated by St. Paul (and St. John) demand of “bringing to Christ men of all nations, and all tribes”, so “there will be no more a Jew nor a Greek”, combined with an impatient expectation of the moment when “Christ will put all his enemies under his feet” (I Cor: 15,25), has logically lead to a total degeneracy of humanity. Degeneracy of human Reason, resulting – as overtly dreamt it apostle Paul – in a situation in which wisdom will be considered to be a stupidity, and a brigand (like Saul/Paul himself) will be considered to be a saint. It is on such “religious transmutation”, of ordinary fools and crooks into national and all humanity heroes, is constructed the whole, formally at present secularized Western civilization of Money, a hundred years ago described as the lumpenculture of Mammon.

Already several years ago, in a theologico-philosophical treatise „Beasts of Postmodernity” I postulated that the very presence of the cross becomes an impulse for the most predatory behaviors. As an example I gave Poland exactly 20 years ago, “where after several decades of godless communism, the cross once again was hanged in the chamber of Sejm (Parliament). And like on a command local and foreign “investors” began to rob whatever has left from our national assets”. In a similar manner the Hebrew Decalogue, which from its very moment of completion become a “shield” hiding odious doings of antique Israel during its conquest of the Promised Land, the Martyr Christ  and pictures of Virgin Mary quickly become talismans (see emblems on Crusaders shields) protecting against the denunciation of plundering intentions of Christian Orders trying to conquer the Holy Land. And so on until today, when the unrecognized by the common of Moslems, myth of Holocaust has been reforged into an armor of Zionists, which in order not to forget their habits, from time to time perform a serious massacre in Palestine – only to be able to dwell safely in Israel, fortified like modern Brigands Cavern.

Below I collected emblems of crusaders and flags of contemporary states worshipping the same antique God of Brigandage, known as Mammon:

))Zobacz obraz w pe³nych rozmiarach Zobacz obraz w pe³nych rozmiarach  See full size image    ))

From left: flag of Israel with the „artificial star” of David; emblems of Teutonic Knights and crusaders; “a crown of twelve stars” (Rev: 12,1) on “marian” flag of EU; the actual flag of Georgia (Gruzja) modeled on emblem of Crusaders with Five Holy Wounds of Christ (“smitten by God, and afflicted, he was wounded for our transgressions… and with his stripes we are healed” – Isaiah 53, 4-5)

It is with Hosts (regiments) of Lord Mammon, progressing under pictured above crusado-mario-zionist banners, members of the HOMO SAPIENS TRIBE have to measure themselves in a very close future. This in order not to permit the realization of the dreamed by True Believers End of the World, when Christ will return once again, but this time as a Devastator. This Christ Destroyer has already manifested himself locally, near the airport of Smolensk in Russia on April 10-th this year to 96 (8 x 12) passengers of Polish presidential jet. These high-rank pilgrims were flying to Katyn Holy Wood, growing on corpses of anti-communists shot there. The proof of this local Second Coming consists of an evident rapture of all these notable pilgrims, including the airplane crew. Namely, there were never released any photographs of victims of this catastrophe, families and relatives received only pieces of cloths and personal items of their dearest. This bizarre situation confirms the End of Time prediction of St. Paul (I Thes: 4, 17) that TRUE BELIEVERS “will be caught in the clouds alive (but naked), to meet the Lord  in the air.”

Dr Marek G³ogoczowski, Zakopane, June 30 – July 14, 2010


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