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The Manifesto of Resistance to the New Global


The world is on the verge of serious new developments. The New Time with its rise of sciences, technology, humanism has been left behind. The choice of a future way for the mankind is laying ahead. What will it be? The acting "masters" of economic, political and military instruments of power are building "the new world order", where human beings are only separate grains of sand, engaged in satisfying of their material needs. The adversaries of such an "order" are uniting to protect the values, which make us humans and state their aims.

1 .The End of the Epoch

Globalization - the process of uniting markets, information nets, technological achievements, life styles - started to be realized as a result of the Western civilization development, where in the middle of the second millennium A.D. capitalism rose along with the spectacular development of science and technology. In the 19th century capitalism assumed the features of imperialism, where the markets were controlled by the might of the imperialist powers: "the invisible hand of the market" is impossible without "the invisible fist". Free competition was forced back to the "market backyard". By the end of the 20* century, especially after the fall of socialism in the Soviet Union and Europe unification of the markets took place, which have now being controlled not only by the states but by transnational corporations as well, - this way imperialism stepped up to become globalization. It inherited the worst features of imperialism: the right of the powerful in resolving of controversies, exploitation of population of entire regions in favor of the Western "golden billion". Capitalism without free competition ceased to be the motive power of progress, the bigger share of capital is being transferred from industrial production to the sphere of stock exchange and financial speculations - today up to 95% of money is circulation in the speculative sphere with daily turnabouts of billions dollars.

Scientific progress became a source of threat to the mankind. The old dangers such as the use of radioactive materials, harmful waste and others are supplemented by the new ones: cloning, genes engineering, climate and ionosphere control and others, each of them threatening the humankind and its environment. The most important of the new technologies are the methods of management of consciousness: the possibility of electronic monitoring of practically anyone would replace democracy by its imitation. Literature, music, theatre forcibly, against the will of the nations are forced out by imitation of culture - foohsh and humanless "entertainment". And even the reaches of languages - the most important instrument of envy modern culture - is supplemented with simplified English, which is enough only for primitive "communication". Satisfying of physiological needs has turned into rush for keif- the emerging civilization is not only "hedonistic", but in fact, narcotical.2

2.The   new  world   order  -  the  instrument     of     deadly unification

With the use of the said means the leading globalization forces are trying to complete the building of the "new world order" for limitless power over humanity. What are those forces? It is not only (and not exactly) the governments of "the golden billion" countries or official international institutions - International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank(WB), World Trade Organization (WTO) and others. Transnational corporations are setting up non-formal instruments of pressure on the governments and the peoples: multiplied committees, funds, clubs and the like. Today it is done almost openly: for example, many decisions of the Bilderberg Club are published and anyone could watch their implementation. "The Committee of the 300" and the Bilderberg Club have published the lists of its members and their aims (possibly, not complete) and thus proved the validity of former suspicions about them. The ideologists, the architects "of the new world order" such as J. Attali, Z. Bzsezinski openly write about the values and perspectives of the globalized world, the main of them being: free movement of capital, goods, labour, i.e. the world without countries, without boundaries - the humanity as a mass of the "new nomads" in search of maximum income. Although a great part of people in this model of the future will be unnecessary - the ideologists of the NWO is not hiding this fact: not more than 20% of the world's population will be able to satisfy their demands. Special instruments have been developed with the aim not to allow the protest of the majority which could hamper the realization of this model. For the majority the system of "entertainment" is proposed which is called "titetainment" - something like a baby's soother. The industry of entertainment has already played an important role in pacifying of the discontented. Thus, electronic mass media is shaping "a planned" attitude to events, immediately modeling behavior, forming non-critical attitude to the reality which is being constructed, encourage spiritual degradation, - with all this making manipulating of the masses easier. Even today the parties's fighting is already being imitated as well as "some protest actions", manageable terrorist organizations are being set up. More and more manifestations of public life are paralyzed by imitation.

We witness the rise of such a means of total control of an individual as electronic personal information (plastic cards, microchips) which could be an instrument of monitoring or even repressions, as a chip or a card collects information data on whereabouts of a person, his contacts, his purchases, financial operations, - in other words the whole life of a person is being monitored and memorized. If the use of such cards instead of money is necessary, a person, who failed to adhere to a certain rule ( for example by joining a banished party) is loosing the chance to buy, to move around the city, to simply go out. The world will turn into an "electronic concentration camp".

Such a model is being prepared for the humanity by the Western civilization. Obviously it is a dead-end for the whole world. Globalization turns to be the waragainst the whole humanity, against the Russian people, with the aim to extinguish great number of people and to establish of the only one super-totalitarian state.

If we want the Earth to have future tomorrow, we should clearly see the menace today.

3. The Alternative Future

Such fate is not yet inevitable, there are forces, capable of offering an alternative future. These are - a mighty moral and cultural potentiality of Russia and of many other suppressed nations. Among the political conceptions this is first of all the Communist teaching, which has proved the possibility of alternative conception of the world, notwithstanding its extremes and perversions which accompanied the realization of the ideal. Facing a possible global catastrophe the ideal of joint actions, cooperation is more and more claimed - in contrast to the Western principal of total competition of all and any. The human race has managed to survive thanks to cooperation of people and it will survive due to it. Longing for pleasure (for hedonism) has been always confronted by restraint of immediate desires in favor of paramount goals. For centuries the memory of the heroes who sacrificed not only their well-being but their lives for their country and faith, who "sacrificed one's life for the friends of his" is not fading away. The priority of spirit over body made it possible for many nations to survive in a deadly fight with invaders, in the struggle with severe Nature. It filled the life of people with meaning, which is more than just a period between their birth and death.

During thousands years of co-existence many nations and cultures have worked out the principles of tolerance, cooperation, mutual enrichment of cultures. These principles help to save the civilization diversity of the humanity - the pledge of its survival even if a certain civilization is in a dead-end. We should make use of this possibility.

4. Our Struggle for Future

The destructive ways of the "new world order" are numerous but the means of resistance to it also abound. In mis struggle there is a place for the young and the mature, for the active and for the thoughtful. And though the time for the total counterattack is not yet ripe, there are a lot of opportunities for resistance on different levels: the governments as well as public and political organizations; the committees of self-government and religious communities; artistic unions, associations of businessmen and simply groups of friends. Today the main aim is to make all the efforts and to stop the most deadly manifestations of the "new world order": the barbaric exploitation of the majority of population of the planet (including all the people of Russia); suppression of national sovereignty, destruction of the spiritual basis of a society; suppression of sovereignty of an individual by total electronic control; by use of deadly technologies (cloning, gene modifications, climate control and others).


Aside of the aim of resistance there are also creative aims. It is necessary to support the forms of co-operation, based on our ideals, as shoots of the future. These are cooperation in economy, in science and technological research. These are self-government on different levels, peoples committees - production, parents, communal. These are creation of cultural and educating environment which would oppose the primitivization and cultural degradation: children's detachments, clubs, books and video distribution networks. Today, facing provocations it is highly important not to be a puppet in the hands of those who create "orange revolutions". It is important to avoid the danger of being a tool to satisfy the ambitions of politicians, a change coin in election campaigns. It is possible to resist the "new world order" only by joining our efforts. This does not mean that we should renounce our ideologies, which could be greatly diverse. We are common in our resistance to the "new world order", but outside this struggle we are different and will be different.

We call everyone who understands the challenge and is ready to fight together with us to cooperate. And we shall overcome. Let live the planet!

Anti-Globalist Resistance  January 2005