Petition: Drop All Charges on the 'Occupy Wall Street' Arrestees! Stop Police Attacks & Arrests! Support 'Occupy Wall Street'!

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  • IN NYC, DEMONSTRATE on MONDAY OCTOBER 3 at 5 PM at New York City Hall - 250 Broadway at Park Place, Manhattan and on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5 join the Community Labor March to Wall St./Zuccotti Park - gather at 4:30 pm Gather at City Hall - 250 Broadway
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The arrest of over 700 people on Saturday, Oct 1 on the Brooklyn Bridge by the New York City Police Department is an outrage and an injustice. Numerous videos clearly show top NYPD police officials actually leading the demonstration on to the roadway of the bridge, not the pedestrian walkway. Then they blocked further movement and started arresting hundreds of activists. This is entrapment. 

A loose network of organizations and individuals called the occupation named Occupy Wall Street. It started 15 days ago. It has no ending date. No one knows how long it will last. But it is now attracting growing and enthusiastic mass support giving voice to the widespread hatred of the banks.

The protesters are opposing the domination by the top banks and corporations of every aspect of life in the U.S. today. The only interest of the banks is in maximizing profits, not in meeting people's needs in the U.S. or anywhere in the world. The protesters are mostly youth, who have heroically congregated by the tens of thousands to occupy Wall Street protesting the authority of a small elite over the rest of humanity, the 99%.

They have been met with brutality, harassment, and oppression for the crime of raising their voices and fighting for justice. 

This brutality is just another instance of the NYPDs usual standard behavior. The racist murders of Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo, the brutal attacks on all kinds of peaceful protestors from centuries ago, to the police attacks on the demonstrators just one week prior to the October 1 mass arrests, the hundreds of thousands of "stop and frisk" searches on youth of color, and the efforts to attack immigrant workers, all show who the NYPD serves to protect, from whom they recieve their orders.

We demand that those arrested be immediately released, and that all charges be dropped. We also demand that the NYPD pay reparations to all those they unjustly arrested.

The most violent criminals on this earth are not those protesting Wall Street, but those who sit on Wall Street, and own the worlds wealth. In their ruthless drive for greater profits, lower pay and to keep us divided they foment racism, sexism and LGBT bigotry and attacks on immigrants and Muslims. They close thousands of industries and lay off millions of workers here in order to pay 1/10 the wages in oppressed countries abroad. While speaking empty words of democracy they occupy and bomb countries and carry out drone attacks, while shutting down protests here. They profit from endless wars, militarism, environmental destruction, millions of foreclosed homes and the largest prison system in the world.

The youth, rallying against them, and crying for justice are heroes and should not be subject to harassment, arrests, and other abuses for their righteous actions.

Emergency protests are called for Monday 5pm at NYC City Hall against the mass arrests and on Wednesday, Oct 5 a mass labor rally of support for Occupy Wall Street.






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