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 Attention: the meeting will take place on February the 2nd in Moscow.  


To Russia with love!

(and with hatred to the new world order)


Russian Anti-Globalist Resistance (the resistance to the new world order) is going to hold a meeting of anti-globalists of Russia, of CIS countries and other parts of the planet: the third all-Russia anti-globalist forum.


The main purpose is to consider possible ways of the development of the 'new world order' after 'the collapse of globalization' and to work out ' The Image of the Future' that can be a program for the anti-globalist activity.


If  YOU are eager to add your idea you are welcome to RUSSIA in January 2008.


We invite you to our website   If you need an invitation for obtaining visa of the Russian Federation, please hurry up!


If Russia seems too far then let us meet in virtual space: You can write in any language we shall understand each other.


We thank you for any input to the struggle against the new world order!


Anti-Globalist Resistance

+7-495-501-09-75  (in Russian pls)

Post box 542 Moscow 107061 Russia

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