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2002- 2003 Moscow Chronics

April 20. The Conference “Vectors of Anti-Globalism” attended by the representatives of the Communist Parties (the Leader of the Moscow group od the CPRF A.Kuvaev), of the Party “Narodnaya Volya” (the Leader Serguey Baburin), prominent scientists A.Zinovyev and others, representatives of the Women organizations and Christian groups, the left youth organisations.

The Declarations of the Anti-globalist resistance. The meeting of anti-globalist groups.

May 23. The meeting agaist the USA policy near the USA Embassy on the occasion of the visit of President Bush to Russia.

June. Protests against immoral advertisements.

September - March 2003. Meetings against the Intervention into Iraq.

March 23. The Day of the Anti-globalist Resistance (the 4th Anniversary of the world-wide protests against bombing Yugoslavia).

April 5. The Conference on the TV in Russia. The actions against the manipulation with the consciousness.

June 28. Meeting against the activity of the Hague Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia supporting S.Milosevic.

December 20. Anti-globalist happening against the manipulation with the consciousness (Moscow, "Sokolniki" Park).