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Tortures in Spain

Dear friends,

Yesterday two young persons were arrested in the Basque Country by spanish Guardia Civil. They were accussed of being members of ETA.

Their names are Igor Portu and Mattin Sarasola.

Today Igor Portu has been transfer to the intensive care unity of "Donosti Hospital". The reason:

- Two ribs Broken.
- Perforate lung .
- Haemorrhage in the left eye.
- Bruises all over the body.

This link will send you to a copy of the medical report:


We have recently known the tortures and rape that Gorka Lupianez suffered a month ago in the hands of the Guardia Civil.

Mattin Sarasola, the other arrested, continues under custody of the Guardia Civil. We fear that he might also be being tortured at this moment.

Please spread the news.

All the best,
Jonan Lekue
Batasuna - European Office
0032 (0 ) 473177810

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