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2007 Moscow Chronicles


October 6.The conference "Who kills the Russian culture and in what way" was held in Moscow in the Union of Russian Authors. The conference was attended by prominent scholars, actors and authors, among them Alexander Shachmatov (Australia), Evgeniy Novikov and Tatiana Avdeenko (Russia), Duma deputee N.Kurianovich and others. The participants insisted on urgent measures in supporting the children art schools, orchestras, culture cetnres etc. in changing the program policy on the state TV, in banning the erection of the sky-scraper in the form of a pyramid in Moscow.


On September 21 anti-globalists (mostly christians) organized a picket to the World day of protest against chipping humans, planned for September 22 by German fighters. The Russian picket was devoted to the national and Church Holiday: the Day of God's Mother, that is at the same time the anniversary of the Victory of Russian troops over the Tartars in 1380 on Kulikovo pole, that is celebrated on September 21.

September14. Anti-globalist together with other organisations and youth groups arrived in Nizhniy Novgorod and took part in a meeting of CPRF against manoeuvers, though it was prohibited.

On september 5   antiglobalists began a protest action against arriving the heavy armed  US troops in Russia for participation in manoeuvres  in Nizhegorodski district. A picket was held near the Ministry of Defense. See photo. Next 4 days other parties and organizations in contact with anti-globalists took part in pickets against the "Torgau-2007" manoeuvres. The US representatives arrived in Russia without tanks and cannons.


On August 20 the Birthday of Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic was celebrated. Antiglobalists declared that they could prove that S.Milosevic had been murdered in the jail of the Hague Tribunal.

Antiglobalist Resistance declared protest against the visit of the US troops with arms to Russia on the occasion of common manoeuvres with Russian Army in Nizhegorodski district.


In S-Petersburg there was the presentation of the book in memoriam Slobodan Milosevic, issued by antiglobalists.


On June 28 antiglobalists took part in a concert of the poetry, celebrating the national holiday of Serbs - the Day of Kosovo battle.

On June 1st - The Day of defence of Childhood - antiglobalists took part in organizing of the meeting against dangers to cildren; reformation of the educational system, harmful commercials and TV, transgene food and some others.


Antiglobalists took part in manifestations on the occasion of the 1st of May and V-Day.See photo.


Antiglobalists issued protests against the non-constitutional actions of President Yuschenko (Ukraine) and against the decision of the Government of Estonia to replace the Tomb of the Soldiers of the World war II, perished liberating Tallinn from Hitler troops.

On April 20 anti-globalists took part in the meeting for liberation 'the five from Miami" (cuban prisoners in the USA).See photo.

On April 20 antiglobalists took part in a Conference "Women in power: the left point of view" organized by CPRF and Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (Germany).See photo.

On April 14 the Conference " Five years of globalisation and antiglobalism" on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the "Antiglobalist resistance" was held in the Institute of the Oriental Researches (Moscow). Scientists and authors discussed the problems of Russia, Slavic World, Middle East. See photo.


The Conference "Yugoslavia is in our hearts" was held in the Author's Center, attended by the former Ambassador of Yugoslavia Borislav Milosevic, Deputy of the Parliament Natalia Narochnitzkaya, authors Jole Stanisic, Elena Gromova and others, singers A.Krylov and A.Belyaev, jurnalists etc. It was organized by "Anti-Globalist resistance" and the Committee for commemoration of S.Milosevic.

"The Anti-Globalist resistance" sent greetings to the Conference on the situation in the South-West Asia (Cianchiano Terme, Italy)

On March 15  anti-globalists took part in the meeting for liberation 'the five from Miami" (cuban prisoners in the USA).

On March 11 the memorial meeting on the date of the death of Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was held in co-operation with the Committee for commemoration of S.Milosevic. Vice-speaker of the Parliament Serguei Baburin, Deputies V.Alksnis and N.Kurianovic, Borislav Milosevic (brother of the President), activists of christian movements, Russian and Serbian authors held speeches.  



Anti-globalists took part in the meeting devoted to the Day of Army together with communists and other patriotic groups. Their slogan was "No to globalism" (Photo)

On February 22 activists of the "Anti-Globalist Resistance" met leaders of the Serbian Radical Party Gordana Pop Lazic and Jadranka Sesel (the wife of the Leader of this party Voislav Sesel). An agreement of the co-operation was declared.


On January 28 a rally to support political prisoners B.Mironov, V.Kvachkov and others was held in Moscow. "Anti-globalist resistance" took part in it.

Anti-globalists supported Belarus in its confrontation with the Russian monopolies "Gazprom" and "Transneft". The letter of support was sent to President Lukashenko. On January 16 anti-globalists took part in a meeting for Belarus organized by CPRF.