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September 22 - rallies and manifestations against chipping of humans

The American government has just recently signed documents with England, Europe, Canada and Mexico to form a new nation in 2008, Russia will be joining this together with China. There is a new world order taking place. In this new world order they would like to have us all microchipped with RFID human implants. This has already been agreed and ok-ed by brussels, the United Nations and America and will also effect Russia and China when you all unite in the New world order. Just go to google and type in Russia New world order, china new world order, gordon brown new world order, bush new world order, and you will see exactly what I am talking about. You will also see that China has already approved RFID chipping of humans and again this will take effect when China and Russia join in preperation with joining Europe and the North American Union. I know this sounds strange when you havent heard any of this before, but they are doing a really good job at keeping it away from the people. There are more sites you can look at like




 Mel Schmidt

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Having got news from Russia M.Schmidt answered:

Fantastic and well done !!
Great job and never give up the fight !! The Netherlands had a protest yesterday and boycotted a demonstration on biometrics and RFID and I in Berlin will be there with over 300.000 people, more groups will be protesting in US, Canada, France, Greece, Croatia, Brazil, Portugal and Austria. We shall see what comes from it, but we are quite confident !!
Great job, comrades !!





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