The Day of the Anti-Globalist Resistance (slogans)

March 24 is the Day of the Anti-Globalist Resistance. Let us celebrate it together!

Our slogans are:

No to the New World order, No to the exploitation of a person by another person and of a state by another state, Stop the Transnational corporations and financial oligarchy in their attempts to make people slaves. No to the aggressive policy of the USA. Dont enter the digital concentration camp! We support the diversity of cultures and civilizations, Another world is possible! We must preserve the moral values of our nations. Let us save the Earth for our children.

Russian anti-globalists are going to celebrate the Day of the Anti-globalist resistance on March 24. That date was the beginning of bombardments of Yougoslavia in 1999 and at the same time the beginning of vehement protests all over the world. When anti-globalists were preparing to celebrate the Day for the first time the US and the UK troops attacked Iraq, so it was the day of protests.

This still is the day of solidarity of all forces that are struggling against the new world order. There will be meetings, spreading newspapers and pamphlets, conferences.

We invite all anti-imperialists to express solidarity on that day.