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Resolutions of the 2nd All-Russia Forum of Anti-Globalists

Stop the Middle East Fire

 The Middle East is still the hottest and the most bloody place on our planet.  And the New world order partisans – The USA and their allies – are to be accused for this. The occupied Iraq became the total field of battle. The inhabitants suffer and the secret services get advantage of it, that was shown by the murder of the 5 Russian diplomats. The BSA and the terrorist groups controlled by them are guilty for this crime.

There is no peace in Palestine. The Israeli missiles destroy the houses of the aboriginal inhabitants of the country.

There are still deaths in Afganistan. And the USA are preparing the crusade against Iran. We ask all people of good will to stop by all means the new aggression which can bring disaster to one more flourishing land.


The 2nd Russian Forum of anti-globalists. Moscow 7/07/2006      

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