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Resolutions of the 3d Forum

Struggle against the NATO is the struggle against the forces of globalization

The expansion of the aggressive treaty organizations provokes protests all over the world/ This military block does not defend any state or any people as it has become the tool of globalisators alien to the humanity. We support the struggle of people in the NATO states against militarism and we support the people of Ukraine, Georgia, Transistria, Abkhazia and the South Osetia, who fight against the possible join to the aggressive block as this will cause the civilization catastrophe for them.

We propose to held anti-NATO manifestations on March 24 the Day of the anti-globalist resistance (y March 24 1999 NATO air forces began bombing of Yugoslavia).    

Stop the governed chaos in the middle East!

No to intervention of the USA, Israel and NATO to the affairs of the countries in the Middle East/ No to blocade of Gaza! The peace conference on Iraq shoild be hold before the troops of the occupants leave this country/

Live Balkans alone!

No to the narcostate Albanian Kosovo! No to the Hague tribunal!

The resolutions in support of the finnish minoruty vod (Leningrad district) and against "casino zones" were also proclaimed