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Gen. Ivashov, Russian
Anti-Globalist Leaders Issue Appeal
Against Syria Intervention

Aug. 26 (EIRNS)—The following statement was received today from the Anti-Globalist Resistance movement in Russia. Signers include the movement's leader, Prof. Yelena Borisova, former head of the Russian Defense Ministry's International Relations Directorate Gen. Leonid Ivashov, and Member of the State Duma Vyacheslav Tetyokhin.

Appeal from Russian Science and Culture Figures regarding the Threat of Intervention in Syria:

The Arab East, from Libya to Syria, is gripped by disorders. The results of the "struggle for democracy" in Libya and Egypt are now obvious to all. But this has not stopped those who are unfolding "managed chaos" in this region. Syria is in the front line. The "insurgents" and "freedom fighters," supported and directed from abroad, are carrying out mass killings, ravaging Kurdish villages, killing the Alawites, and detonating bombs in locations where the victims are certain to be civilians, including old men, women and children. Not once have those responsible for these atrocities been called to account by the international community, which so eagerly turns to the various international tribunals in other cases.

The tragedy around the use of chemical weapons in a suburb of Damascus has brought new deaths and threatens to lead to new trouble, if Western countries, above all the USA, exploit this incident as the pretext for an intervention into Syria and launch a full-scale war. Preparations for war are in full swing, without waiting for the findings of the UN commission investigating this incident.

Colleagues and co-thinkers around the world! We call on our governments to do everything possible to prevent "managed chaos" from devouring sovereign nations and annihilating their inhabitants. We demand that the people who are organizing foreign interventions in sovereign nations cease their dangerous actions.

In the name of democracy and mercy, we shall not allow new wars to be ignited on Earth!

  • K.G. Myalo, writer;
  • Prof. S.N. Baburin, leader of the Russian National Union;
  • A.I. Kazintsev, deputy editor of Nash Sovremennik magazine;
  • Gen.-Col. L.G. Ivashov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems;
  • Dr. V.N. Tetyokin, historian, member of the State Duma
  • Ye.A. Novikov, artist
  • Prof. Ye.G. Borisova.
  • Elena Gromova poet, Damascus
  • T.L.Shishova, writer

This appeal may be signed at anti-glob@narod.ru


That same day the appeal was supported by N/Spannaus (Lindon LaRouche movement) and

Captain Vyron Lymberopoulos,  Airline pilot,  the Netherlands


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