Shock and awe NATO celebration of the 69th anniversary of Muammar Khaddafi


On 7th of June, colonel Muammar Khaddafi (who is only ten days elder than me), has celebrated his 69th anniversary. NATO has loudly and fructuously celebrated this occasion, and you may read below a detailed report of this shock and awe blitz . Among military objects, demolished during this Libyan national holiday, was the building of Libyan Parliament, located in the very center of Tripolis (as reported it on June 7th evening). In all evidence NATO wanted to demonstrate by this Gods act of Mercy, to ordinary Libyan folk that nearly 40 years long history of direct democracy in this small (in terms of population) country is inevitably approaching its torturous happy ending (?). The Supreme Democracy of God blessed City Shinning Upon a Hill, is supposed to suppress these vile critics of bourgeois democracy contained in the Green Book of this, hated by the World Community, Arab last socialist leader.


Not all Americans hate Khaddafi and his Socialist Jamahurdia (Republics of Masses). With greetings 100 years for his anniversary, I emailed to my Polish friends, a photo of a pretty American girl carrying a following poster during the May 1st demonstration in Los Angeles, Ca.:



(This picture is taken from set of pictures taken in Los Angeles on May 1st. This demonstration apparently was not seen by free to lie American Media. On other pictures we can see how swollen has become American Working & Unemployed Class this due both to American unhealthy way of feeding and to its work, ever more demanding continuous sitting.)


The pretty chick at the picture, with her handwritten slogan, is surely an impotent person in the ever more globalized and thus privatized and cretinized world. To the contrary, men of power in USA have quite different plans for Libyas happy end. I quote below the very recent opinion of one of chiefs American psychopaths, which I translated from the Russian website, pasted on 09.06.2011, 9:23 :


USA Minister of Defense Robert Gates demanded of Germany and of Poland to participate In operations In Libya. Moreover, the head of the Pentagon remarked that Spain, Turkey and Netherlands, which until now are participating only in non-bombing operations in Libya, are supposed to join others in air attacks against objects of the army of the head of state Muammar Khaddafi.


( . , , , , .)


Why so many NATO countries are invited to participate In Libyan Jamahurdyia killing? The answer we find in the old prophecy of Isaiah, which gives a recipe for a successful Crime Syndicate Venture: criminals are gathering together and by a collective murder of an innocent and truthful person they receive Gods blessing giving them immunity from any human accusations:

Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, and afflicted. But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed. (Is 53: 4-5 and so on.)

So all crimes committed collectively by NATO Crime Syndicate are skillfully laid, by free to lie Global Mafia Press, on Khaddafi and his sons, and perhaps later on as it happen with Jesus of Nazareth he will be resurrected as an effigy, under which protection heirs of NATO Crusaders will carry their  Globalization Project further on, into all directions of the Compass the symbol of NATOs worldwide ambitions.

Below is a detailed report how the shock and awe festival was orchestrated by NATO aviation last Tuesday. In all evidence this was done for the purpose of collective education of Libyans, which by such SOUND & VISION SHOCKS, are being invited for eradication from memory of their nearly 42 years long evil socialist past. (This method of education of masses is described very well in the book of Naomi Klein The Shock doctrine. I received a copy, of a very instructive film on this topic, with Polish translation; one surely can find its versions in other languages: )


Service de Presse du PCN / REVUE DE PRESSE
Titles and comments: Luc MICHEL
(Los Angeles Times/07.06.2011)

Note the term "the Blitz" of the Los Angeles Times. It was first used in 1940 for London under Nazi bombing ... Now new Nazism is NATO and USA !

"We could all be hit again! We will never forsake our leader!
"We will never abandon him!"

Excerpts : Tripoli, Libya - Waves of NATO fighter planes hit the Libyan capital Tuesday with one of the largest bombardments of the city since the Western-led alliance began airstrikes almost three months ago.
It was a brazen daylight attack that went on for hours and highlighted how thoroughly the Western alliance controls the skies after wiping out much of Libya's antiaircraft capabilities in the earliest days of the battle.
Plumes of thick black smoke rose in the afternoon sky over Moammar Kadafi's fortified Bab Aziza compound, which was heavily damaged in the barrage.
Explosions were heard late into the afternoon, hours after the initial attacks began in the morning.
The assault Libyan officials said at least 60 rockets struck the city, at least 31 people were killed and dozens were injured also came after alliance officials had been warning of a planned escalation of their air campaign amid concern in Western nations that the conflict may drag on without an end in sight. The city had been hit hard in recent days, but Tuesday's attack was by far the fiercest.
It remained unknown whether the stepped-up raids would help persuade Kadafi to step down, as the rebels and their Western allies have demanded. His government has suffered massive defections, but some core support is still evident among the population.


A defiant Kadafi on Tuesday called on all Libyans to join him in the battle against what he called an "aggressive, barbaric [and] savage" campaign.
"We shall not submit, we shall not surrender," Kadafi declared in a radio address played through the night on state television, accompanied by images of Libyans training for battle. "We shall stay here till the end, dead, alive, victorious; it doesn't matter."
Pro-Kadafi rallies broke out on the streets of the city in the early evening, with many supporters hoisting posters of the leader, waving green flags and firing Kalashnikov rifles into the sky (...)
During the last week, NATO has been hitting Tripoli on almost a daily basis in an apparent effort to increase pressure on Kadafi to resign after more than 40 years in power. After a lull late Tuesday, a new round of nighttime explosions hit Tripoli early Wednesday.
The blitz Tuesday had begun about 11 a.m., shaking the ground and rattling windows over a broad swath of the city of 1.7 million people.
Throughout the day, the sound of aircraft was followed by thunderous blasts. Occasional bursts of antiaircraft fire could also be heard (...)
One government official said several military barracks were struck. Commanders have moved concentrations of troops away from some military housing. State television reported that some residential complexes were damaged. The dead included soldiers and guards at government facilities, the spokesman said.
Many of the strikes zeroed in on Kadafi's sprawling Bab Azizia compound, which includes military, residential and government facilities.


"I do not feel the need to convince anyone that this is madness," Musa Ibrahim, a government spokesman, said at a news conference Tuesday night. "You can feel the madness, you hear and you see it every day."
A group of journalists taken to the compound, where a sign at the entrance reads, "Welcome on the soil of the steadfast resistance," saw at least six buildings destroyed. Smoke drifted from the debris. An acrid smell hung in the air. Several of the buildings had been hit in previous strikes, but were bombed again Tuesday.
Littering the streets of the huge compound were shards of metal, chunks of concrete, twisted strands of rebar and assorted other debris, all blasted off buildings and walls. Visitors had to climb over hillocks of rubble to gaze inside what were once administrative, ceremonial and office buildings, the core of Kadafi's capital.
Inside the compound, angry workers shouted at journalists and vowed revenge. One official, who called himself Ali and wore a scarf across his face, said as many as a dozen people may be buried below the rubble of one building, an administrative center where Kadafi often met visiting dignitaries.
Workers showed journalists the body of one apparent victim, a middle-aged man whose name was given as Musbah Hassan Nasr. His corpse was wrapped in a blanket and covered in fine dust.
"Who will take revenge for the death of this martyr!" shouted Ali, the man who guided journalists through the devastated compound. "This is a man with children. Who will take care of his family?"
The body was put on a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance.
NATO planes buzzed overhead as Ali berated the journalists.
"We could all be hit again! We will never forsake our leader! he shouted, referring to Kadafi.
"We will never abandon him!"!/photo.php?fbid=167287443336216&set=a.162936570437970.42635.161681187230175&type=1&theater

As the enumeration of reasons, why Khaddafi and his sons (and grand sons) must be tortured and killed, I received a very sympatric email from England:


a private anti-war ngo


6th June 2011


to: Members of the House of Lords and others


Dear Member


The UK should withdraw from aggression against Libya:


This is to plea for your vote or argument to withdraw from Libya if and when you have the opportunity, on the following grounds:


1.    War Crimes are being committed by UK/NATO forces.  They do not know who they are killing.  Targeting the regime is outlawed by the UN Charter and excluded from UN Resolution 1973.  Muammar Qaddafi is no longer in the chain of command. Killing government supporters is also a War Crime, as the UK government claims when insurgents attack UK troops.

2.    UK/NATO aggression is worsening the bloodshed and destruction resulting from civil war. Government loyalists are charged with restoring law and order, as in any civilized country.  Killing police and security forces is counter-productive. 

3.    The civil war was begun by insurgents incited by other Arab rebellions and the Alliance of Youth Movement, the International Crisis Centre, and the National Endowment for Democracy; all US-based Zionist agents provocateurs.

4.    Insurgent leaders have not taken advantage of the Peoples' Congresses to win their demands. These Congresses were set up by Muammar Qaddafi in 1975 so that every citizen had a voice in Parliament; a luxury citizens do not have in the UK.

5.    Many insurgents and much of the violence against ordinary Libyans came from outside Libya, including migrants from poor sub-Saharan Africa searching for a better life. Their ultimate goal is Europe and the UK, not Libyan 'democracy'.

6.    The anti-Qaddafi aggression stems from his criticism of  'democracy' in the west and the UN; of the 400 families controlling 80% of global wealth.  He was trying to break the grip on global economies via the US dollar by urging the Middle East and Africa to convert to a gold standard: a laudable aim to benefit all the world's developing countries.

7.    We do not want to incite a new source of anti-western terrorists.

8.    Anti-government stories from dissidents are often trumped up to obtain visas to the UK as we have seen from some Iraqis.   

 9.    We are supposed to be saving money not wasting it on another futile war.

10.   We do not want to be known as a militaristic dictatorship with avaricious intent towards others' resources (oil and gold).


For these reasons please argue against continued intervention in the sovereign state of Libya.   


Yours sincerely


Dr James B Thring, founder Ministry of Peace and Legal Action Against War





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