It goes about fascism (The plan Barbarossa for Russia and the world)


Hi, anti-globalists! We reveal the true intentions of the  World Government, and now there is no need of that. All those plans were openly declared by the Russian democrat Gavriil Popov, well known as an  ideologist of Perestroika, then of the demolishing of the USSR. And what is of the extreme interest: the plans of the total globalization occurred to be fascist.

G.Popov denies parties, direct and equal elections etc. Instead he proposes the corporative state, implemented by Mussolini in Italia. One can even find appeals for eugenic selection of human beings, which was supported in Nazis Germany.  

And all this all over the world!

How do you like such a future? Are you ready to cry Heil to the World Government?


Anti-globalists (and anti-fascists)

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