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Taking into account the great importance of the Pacific region to the future of mankind and difficult situation in the states of Oceania, most of which have only recently gained independence, We offer this strategic development plan to a wide public debate in these countries and in those that interested in the progressive development of economic, cultural and humanitarian potential of this region.

1. Current situation.

Pacific region is rich with inexhaustible natural resources, which yet should be brought under control by mankind. Besides, natural features of Oceania's islands make them the most important global recreational area.
Their strategic location makes them a potential tool for the aggressive decisions, or a lever for peace and cooperation of peoples.

However, we must note that at present development of the states of Oceania deviates from the line of a really free and independent development.
In the 60-80e years of twentieth century, many Oceania's countries achieved independence. But the self-development is a difficult path, especially for the young island nations, most of whom do not have a large territory and population. Australia and New Zealand becouse of their geographic proximity and economic power made an initiative to create regional bloc - the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), founded in 1971. Now, this organization brings together 15 States - full members. In four of these states (Tuvalu, Kiribati, Nauru, Niue), instead of own currency used Australian or New Zealand dollars. Australia even put forward a proposal that the Australian dollar should become the common currency of all member countries PIF.

Australia and New Zealand are significant aid donors and big markets for islands states exports. These two countries persue expansionist trade policy, which resulted in foreign trade of independent states of Oceania is strongly tied to them. Australia and New Zealand forced their PIF's partners approval of their mandate for their military and police forces that now carry out peacekeeping and stabilization function in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Nauru and Tonga.In 2003, Australians have put forward the idea of establishing so-called "Pacific Union". They are seeking to more closely bind the countries of the region with the Australia.
The union, if formed, will have a common charter, institutions and currency.
In fact, the business community of Australia are pushing its government to establishment in the Pacific similarity of the European Union.

2. Alternatives.

There are serious concerns that the regional integration, initiators and motor of which are Australia and New Zealand, not lead to an equal partnership but bring to subjugation and dependence of small island States from their more powerful neighbors. The European Union is an association of states that more or less comparable in the range of such factors as extent of territory, population, economic capacity and the overall cultural traditions. Unlike the European Union in case of PIF and Pacific Union we can watch apparent imbalance and dissonance. The "Pacific Union" plan
may result in a new manifestation of neo-colonialism.

We whish a free and independent development of the peoples of Oceania, we understand the need to move towards a multipolar world, and so we believe a careful consideration must be given to the following measures:

- Cooperation independent island nations of Oceania within the framework of a new independent regional organization for the purpose of economic
integration and cooperation. Benefits of such cooperation should be equal divided among all participating States. Another purpose of the organization is a coordination of foreign policy. As an example of fruitful cooperation States within the framework of such organization we can point out the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). It is necessary create a common currency, common import-export tariffs, and other measures of economic integration.

- The rapid elimination of residues of undisguised colonialism in the region. The full and comprehensive independence must be granted for colonies of France (French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna Islands) United Kingdom (Pitcairn), United States (American Samoa), Australia (Norfolk Island), New Zealand (Niue, Cook Islands, Tokelau).
Newly states could be able to enter into a new regional organization of equal in rights states.

- Activisation trade and cultural exchange of China, Japan and Russia with the countries, which united in the new independent Pacific islands organization. China, Japan and Russia would grant duty-free or preferential tariff treatment for a wide range of products of that countries.
The development of such relations is essential for maintaining regional balance and preventing subjection of peoples to domination by any Power.

- The development and implementation of China, Japan and Russia programs financial, scientific, technical and other kinds of aid for the island nations of the Pacific region. Stimulation of investment activity in the region business circles of these countries.

3. Practical steps.

We understand that the way to the implementation of these alternatives is not easy. The process may start with broad-based consultations, exchange of views among all interested persons. This may be a preparatory stage for the Conference of Governments of Island States and a start position to the negotiation process to establish equitable regional association.

It is also necessary to conduct a broad public relation campaign to draw attention of world public to the problems of the region, events in which are not, for various reasons, in the focus of world media.

Inspite of perfect environment for the human, with the advent in the Pacific western civilization island nations did not come to an equally beautiful fortune. This historic blunder need to be fixed.

The Organizing Committee of the International Anti-Colonial League.