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March 2005

New, brave Europe

Austrian citizen Sandra Bakutz remains in Turkish prison EU adopts the Turkish junta s democratic standards On February 10, 2005, Sandra Bakutz was arrested upon arrival on the Istanbul airport. She had flown to Turkey in order to observe a political mass trial of about 80 activists accused of being terrorists. Among those arrested on April 1, 2004, in a concerted operation with several European governments are artists, lawyers and journalists working for legal associations also according to Turkish law. The evidence produced even led the regime press to voice severe doubts (1). For several days the Turkish authorities did not give any explanation for the arrest. Only after repeated interventions of the Austrian diplomatic representation the accusation was revealed: membership in a terrorist organisation . But the evidence given is even more adventurous. Sandra Bakutz should have taken part in a protest action in Brussels against the visit of the Turkish foreign minister back in 2000. An article carried by a Turkish daily is quoted where Sandra Bakutz is NOT mentioned. Actually she did not participate in the demonstration as she was meeting European MPs, which can be testified. Furthermore she is accused to have held a press conference for a Turkish prisoner in Germany who had gone on hunger strike to ameliorate his penal conditions. According to the prosecutor both activities have been carried out by the Turkish Revolutionary People s Liberation Party - Front (DHKP-C) which should serve to provide evidence for Sandra s membership in that organis! ation On the crisis of the Anti-globalisation Movement

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