NATO, hands off Belarus!


When NATO covered Serbia with missiles and bombs, Alexander Lukashenko was the only head of state who visited Belgrade and supported our initiative to join the Union of Russia and Belarus.

We will never forget this.

Recently, the same NATO countries launched a hybrid aggression against the Republic of Belarus, wishing to abolish its freedom and independence and physically eliminate Alexander Lukashenko, just as they eliminated Slobodan Milosevic. And like their historical predecessors – the Axis forces, they wish, having trampled on Serbia and Belarus, to destroy Russia – the greatest source of spirituality, creativity and social justice for the whole world.

We will never allow this.

Serbia, Belarus and Russia share a common faith, martyrdom, origin, culture and tradition. We cannot be defeated. Better don’t try! But everything that we wish for ourselves, we wish for others – freedom, independence, love, justice, legality, creativity. You can cooperate with us. You can even become our brothers.

We demand that modern fascists and pseudo-democrats in the West immediately stop or be deprived of the opportunity to carry out hybrid aggression and all forms of interference – political and military, financial and economic, informational and subversive – in the internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus, all threats, sanctions and blackmail… No one has any legal or moral right to this!

We send words of solidarity, love and support to the fraternal people of the Republic of Belarus and President Alexander Lukashenko with the confidence that they have enough faith and inner strength to overcome this historical temptation with an enlightened face and become an even more powerful and attractive factor in the world to come, which will get better.

We call on individuals and organizations in our country and in the world to join us and support this appeal.

Belgrade, 08/18/2020

On behalf of the Serbian Branch of the International Slavic Academy and the Movement for Serbia,
Vladimir Krsljanin, Chairman

On behalf of the Slobodan Milošević International Committee,
Klaus Hartmann, Co-Chairman


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