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March 2005

1) Supporters of the Iraqi people s liberation struggle to build an int l network 2) Yesterday in Italy, today in Iraq the same crimes, the same resistance 3) Medical aid sent, funded by 10 Euro campaign for the Iraqi Resistance 4) Austrian human rights activist arrested in Turkey, accused of DHKP/C membership 5) Release Avni and Zeynep, Turkish political prisoners in Italy 6) The tsunami and the Acehnese liberation struggle ***

1) Supporters of the Iraqi people s liberation struggle to build an international network Int l conference in solidarity with the Iraqi Resistance scheduled Representatives of solidarity groups from Europe and the Middle East gathered on Sunday, February 13 in Frankfurt, Germany to discuss ways on how to step up the campaign in defence of the Iraqi people s right to national self-determination and in support of the Iraqi Resistance. Supportive forces from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, England, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands as well as from Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon were present. Another dozen groups who could not attend sent their message of support. The meeting has been jointly promoted by the International League of People s Struggle , the First International Conference for the Support of the Resistance of the Iraqi People and the Anti-imperialist Camp . The assembly denounced the war of aggression against and occupation of Iraq and the so-called political process set up by the US, including the recent elections, as illegal and illegitimate. These fraudulent elections only serve to justify the occupation and the US puppet regime. The elections mark, however, a change in the US strategy after its utter failure in quelling the determined Resistance of the Iraqi people by brute military force. As the election farce is part of a comprehensive war, its danger lies in the renewed attempt of the corporate media to demonize the Resistance as terrorist. Thus the European powers are now celebrating the elections as a step towards democracy legitimising not only the occupation but also retroactively the war of aggression which some of them pretended to oppose upon the pressure of the people. The assembly reaffirmed that the Iraqi Resistance against the occupation is the only legitimate representative of the Iraqi people as opposed to the puppet administration sponsored by the occupying powers. The assembly also criticised some elements in the broad anti-war and anti-globalization movement who continuously use the misleading formula No to war and terror which tacitly equates the popular resistance struggles with terror. We reject the attempt to distinguish between a so-called good and bad resistance because it serves to prevent forging solidarity with the Iraqi Resistance which is actually a conglomerate of different popular forces. The assembly called on the broad anti-war and anti-globalization movement to take the side of the people s resistance movements worldwide against the permanent and pre-emptive imperialist war waged and led by the US. At the moment, the Iraqi resistance constitutes the first line against this imperialist war. The delegates present decided to hold an international conference in support of the Iraqi Resistance and in solidarity with the entire Arab people s struggle for national self-determination and sovereignty. To underline this inextricable nexus, the conference will take place on the occasion of the anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada in the end of September 2005. Several countries were proposed as venue but Greece and Italy were preferred by the majority because of the presence in these countries of strong popular sentiment and mass movement against US imperial designs. It is expected that this conference will pave the way for the formation of a European and international support network for the people s liberation struggles and its current first-line, the Iraqi Resistance. The participants also pledged to intensify the campaign for the freedom of the kidnapped leader of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, Abduljabbar al-Kubaysi, as a symbol of all the political and war prisoners held by the occupying power. In particular, pressure will be applied on the European parliament for them to comply with their human rights obligations and their professions of democracy by asking their US partners to disclose the whereabouts of Abduljabbar. Our emerging network will initiate and support mobilisations against the US military bases in Europe. They are continuously used as hubs for the US aggression on Iraq and in the Middle East with the consent of the governments including those which hypocritically claimed to oppose the war. The gathering likewise agreed to issue a call to the people of the world to participate in the global day of action March 19/20 (an around this date) on the occasion of the second anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq putting forward the clear platform of supporting the Iraqi Resistance and the Iraqi people s struggle for national self-determination. The Co-ordinating Committee to join this list send a blank email to: View organisations present: 618&keyword=+ ***

2) Yesterday in Italy, Today in Iraq the same crimes, the same resistance Sant'Anna di Stazzema - Sunday March 13th, 2005 National demonstration On August 12th 1944, four companies of SS commanded by the major Walter Reder and supported by Italian fascist authorities and collaborators, murdered 560 innocent people in Sant'Anna di Stazzema. It was one of the many massacres committed by the German Nazis during their imperialist war. Nazism and fascism were beaten, but their bloodthirsty methods and their imperial ambitions were not. Already during WWII, the Anglo-American armies committed horrible crimes, through carpet bombings which exterminated millions of civilians, especially in Germany and in Italy, not to mention Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the Americans, committing the greatest war crime of all time, actually used atom bombs even though Japan was already on its knees. Hitler's design of total world dominion is the same design as the USA has been following right up to now. Wherever they went, the stars and stripes armies have left an endless trail of blood behind them. In March 2003, with the most powerful army in history, supported by such puppets as Berlusconi and by the inertia of the international community, they attacked Iraq, causing a genocide which has raised the liveliest protest among the peoples of every country. They occupied the country, but this led to a popular Resistance which is posing serious problems to the invaders. Falluja was the first Iraqi city to rise up against the US army, the first to be freed. As his first deed after his re-election, Bush took revenge. He ordered his troops to conquer Falluja at any cost. Falluja today is a ghost town, razed to the ground like Hiroshima. Those who were not killed by the devastating American fury were forced to escape. On the second anniversary of the aggression against Iraq, we will demonstrate to celebrate Falluja and Sant'Anna di Stazzema as symbolic twin cities, in order to jointly commemorate the martyrs of nazism, of fascism and of US imperialism, to state that the ideals of freedom and independence of Italian partizans are the same as those of the Iraqi partizans, to denounce all imperialist war crimes, whatever mask or pretext they may use, to say no to US wars, to call for the immediate withdrawal of all occupation troops from Iraq, to support the Resistance of the Iraqi and Palestinian peoples until their victory. Free Iraq Committees Laboratorio Marxista - Zona apuo-versiliese or to ***

3) Austrian opposition to US occupation sends medical aid to Iraq Financed by campaign Ten Euros for the resistance About two tons of medicine are going to be sent to the Iraqi province of al-Anbar, a well-known focus of resistance against the foreign rule, and repeated massacres perpetrated by the occupying forces. Last autumn, the city of Falluja was razed to the ground, as a punishment for the struggle of her inhabitants for self-determination. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed by cluster bombs, napalm and chemical agents, all weapons of mass destruction in breach of international law. Before the massacre, the occupying forces destroyed all hospitals and medical infrastructure, killing the greater part of medical personnel. Still today large parts of the city are cordoned off and the population is cut of from vital infrastructure. The popular resistance urgently needs humanitarian aid, which is denied by the occupants. The medicines themselves were provided by the Iraqi community in Austria, while the air-lift is financed from the funds of the 10-Euro campaign. The value of the medicines is more than 100,000 , shipping is 1,870 . This aid will be distributed to everyone who is in need by generally accepted representatives of the people who are completely independent from both the occupiers as well as their local puppets. The campaign Ten Euros for the Iraqi resistance had been initiated by the Anti-Imperialist Camp. Even in Austria, about 200 people opposing the occupation came out in public with donations and their names. They defended the elementary democratic right to resist against an occupation. The Anti-Imperialist Camp renews the call for aid to the Iraqi people. Their resistance is legitimate and is continuing, regardless the farcical elections. ***

4) Arrested Austrian put into Turkish prison Sandra Bakutz is accused of membership in a terror organization Statement of the Anti-imperialist Camp, Austrian Section Last Thursday, February 10, Sandra Bakutz was arrested at the airport of Istanbul and, according to her lawyer, transferred to prison. She has been accused of membership in the DHKP/C (Revolutionary People s Liberation Party/ Front). Sandra got engaged for the rights of thousands of prisoners in Turkey. Her work, which brought her in contact with the parties of the Austrian Parliament and several civil rights groups, was focused on the acknowledgement of the civil liberty rights and to bring an end to the political judiciary and torture against of dissidents in Turkey. Now she herself seems to get victim of this regime in which still the military pulls the strings in the background. Sandra is accused of something (membership in the DHKP/C) which in Austria would be perfectly legal. No evidence whatsoever can be provided that she committed any criminal offence. Her only crime was it to have a political opinion and to engage for it. The Austrian government has a double responsibility for the persecution of their citizens in Turkey bear in mind Elisabeth Brunner, who was tortured because of her engagement against the NATO conference. First the Austrian government participated in a leading position in the exculpation of Turkey with regard to the political prisoners and the oppression of the Kurdish people. Secondly, the government was involved in the installing of the black list , which floats like an undemocratic Damocles sword over national constitutional rights. We demand the Austrian government to do the utmost to liberate Sandra! Full statement: 728&keyword=+ Statements of Tayad and the Platform against Isolation: Pictures of Sandra: ***

5) Release Avni and Zeynep Int l call to support the two Turkish comrades held as political prisoners in Italy On March 5 the hearings in the trials of Avni and Zeynep will start. They have been held in prison since April 1, 2004, under the accusation of being members of the Turkish association DHKP-C which is being defined as terrorist based on the EU s arbitrary black list design according to its US model. The entire investigation by the Italian judiciary has been carried out in name of the war on terror pleasing the Turkish regime and lending it a helping hand in order to repress whoever dares to oppose its capitalist, imperialist and anti-democratic agenda. We all know about the treatment the regime of the military oligarchy reserves for its dissidents; we know of the massacres committed against the political prisoners who continue to defend themselves against the white torture of solitary confinement. We cannot be accomplices of that regime as well as of the Italian one which supports it. Therefore we all have to mobilise for the immediate and unconditional release of Avni and Zeynep and for the abolishment of the black lists which only serve to destroy the liberation movements against oppression, misery and exploitation. ***

6) The Tsunami, Aceh and the national liberation struggle in South East Asia by Lars Akerhaug, Int l officer of the Red Electoral Alliance, Norway The government in Jakarta does not even attempt to hide their political abuses. Soon after the tsunami stroke, the minister of finance declared that the nation s economic growth would not be seriously affected, because Aceh is at the outskirt of Indonesia. He also noted that reconstruction efforts would be financed mainly from abroad. Together with this came the first reports of clashes between GAM and the armed forces. Only thirty percent of the aid received to Aceh came from Jakarta, and this among heavy allegations of corruption and thieving from the military. Even more serious is the attempt to dislocate the refugees of the tsunami. Media reports are now streaming in that the government is obstructing the return of citizens to the wasted shorelines, and humanitarian efforts to rebuild houses at the property size. This is a final proof that the occupation government wants to rebuild Aceh Indonesian style , media reports have even hinted that there is ideas of building vacation resorts in the sunny, but war-plagued beach lines. Full article:


Declaration of The Assembly of The WPC Athens, May 6-9, 2004

The Assembly of the World Peace Council was successfully held on May 6-9,
2004 in Athens, Greece, with the participation of 134 delegates from 62
Organisations from 47 countries.

After a rich and very fruitful discussion the participants of the Assembly
concluded with the following declaration to the peoples of the world:

The developments that have taken place since the last WPC Assembly in May of
2000 have been ones of particular significance and have given rise to a
situation which is crucial for humanity, one marked by the intensity of the
increased aggressiveness of the world strategy of the USA as it strives to
impose and consolidate the new world order of war and oppression. At the
same time day by day it faces increasing political isolation deriving from
its arbitrary and unilateral acts of violation of human and peoples' rights.

Humanity is alarmed by the developments regarding world peace and security
in recent years. Never before in recent history have the peoples stood up
and organized such huge protests in the anti-war movement as those against
the imperialist war of the US and its allies on Iraq. There is a growing
worldwide trend towards peace. The WPC has been and is strongly involved in
this movement through its members and friendly organizations, together with
millions of people on all continents and in all corners of the world.

The terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York and on the Pentagon on
September 11, 2001 was used as a pretext for an overall offensive to be
launched on the peoples and countries of the world in all sectors.  The
announcement of the so-called counter-terrorist campaign by the USA, with
the support of its allies, serves many purposes and has been used in order
to unleash two new wars, against Afghanistan and Iraq and to target many
countries that resist US domination or do not align themselves with it.

The WPC condemns terrorist acts, including the ones, which are acts of state
terrorism. Those to blame for these acts should be brought to justice. The
hypocritical and militaristic approach of the USA and the EU on this issue
cannot eliminate the causes of such phenomena. Causes like the poverty and
underdevelopment of the majority of the world's population, the exploitation
and plunder of the natural resources of the third world by multinational
corporations, the accumulated injustice and oppression of peoples for
decades, are factors which are being used, often by criminal elements which
the USA itself has recruited, trained and financed, for actions which do not
have the slightest relation to the fight of the peoples for their freedom
and national sovereignty, which we firmly defend.

At the same time basic principles of international law and the Founding
Charter of the UN, are being flagrantly violated. The new doctrine is "might
makes right". Through the new doctrine NATO reserves its rights, to
intervene on a global scale wherever their interests are allegedly at stake.

In this framework a series of positive international conventions and accords
signed in the past few years are being abrogated. The goal is, on the one
hand, to accelerate the further militarization of international relations,
the setting up of new intervention forces and the development of new weapons
systems and on the other to intensify authoritarianism and repression inside
countries and to pass new laws that restrict or abolish individual and
collective democratic rights. It therefore becomes a most important task to
fight against the "new world order", defending the rights of the peoples to
determine their own fate, and for a world order of peace based on the
peaceful principles of the UN Charter.

Neo-liberal globalization has been utilized by international capital, day by
day, as an instrument of unprecedented and exploitation control over peoples
and national policies. Conflicts are increasing; the gap between developing
and developed countries, between rich and poor, is increasing at a
tremendous rate.

In 2001, according to a UN report, one hundred thousand people a day were
dying of starvation, three times more than six years before. Five million
people have died in the last ten years in Africa in dozens of clashes and
wars. Three large wars (in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq) have cost the
lives of thousands of people and caused tremendous destruction. Almost half
of the world's population lives on less than two euro per day

This situation, which is accompanied by rivalry amongst the main powers to
secure control over and division of the spheres of influence and markets
create tremendous dangers of intensification in warfare and, furthermore the
probability of generalized conflicts having an impact global in scope.

The US administration has proclaimed the new doctrine of pre-emptive war,
which runs counter to International law. It has openly listed the states
making up the "axis of evil", thus determining its next targets.  Many
countries have been placed on the list, which remains open-ended, ready to
include those countries, peoples and all movements that do not comply with
the domination of the US and its allies.

The USA has adopted the strategy of pre-emptive nuclear strikes, abandoning
the commitment made by all nuclear states to not make the first use of
nuclear weapons. The USA and France are planning to develop new types of
nuclear weapons for use even in urban battlefields. All nuclear powers must
implement their undertakings for the elimination of nuclear weapons made in
the NPT Review Conference in 2000 under article 6. However, the world peace
movement has raised its voice in favor of making the year 2005- 60th
anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and a year of the NPT
Review conference in New York- a turning point for the abolition of nuclear

In the recent period it has been announced that a European Army would be
established, which constitutes a further reactionary militarization of the
EU. At the same time the situation in Palestine deteriorated, while in Latin
America a plan to intervene in Colombia ha been announced, pressure on
Venezuela has been intensified, increased pressure has been exerted on Cuba
and in Asia events giving rise to tension have been triggered by the USA.  A
further enlargement of NATO has been decided on.

Just as Yugoslavia had been the field for the application of the new NATO
doctrine previously, Afghanistan and especially Iraq were the first victims
of the new and horrific doctrine of pre-emptive war.

The policy of military alliances, (NATO, Japan -US security treaty and
others) is being further intensified in order to involve the allies more the
US strategy and, along this line, US and other foreign military bases abroad
are also being reinforced and reorganized all over the world. Thus the
movements against US military alliances, NATO and foreign military bases are
growing worldwide. In this context the WPC will support popular
mobilizations against the NATO summit in Istanbul in June 2004.

All of these decisions, particularly the US pre-emptive attack strategy,
overturn the statutory principles of the UN, as well as the principles of
international law as they were formulated after the Second World War.

The WPC demands the decolonization of all territories, which remain under
colonial rule. The WPC expresses its solidarity with the Indigenous peoples
for their inalienable and indivisible rights, including their rights for

One year after the US-led imperialist invasion and occupation of Iraq by the
imperialists, the Iraqi people's tragedy continues. In solidarity with the
resistance of the people of Iraq against the occupation, we demand the
immediate and complete withdrawal of all occupying forces in order to allow
the Iraqi people to determine their destiny alone.

The Assembly expresses its vehement condemnation of the brutal torture of
prisoners by the occupation forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Base.

We denounce the ongoing NATO occupation of Afghanistan, a "first" on the
Asian continent, which is being used as a model by the US for its future
plans in Iraq.

The genocide of the Palestinian people continues, while new, inhuman and
reactionary measures are being taken by the Israeli government, like the
construction of the wall. The suffering of the Palestinians doesn't count
for the powerful forces, which back Israel.

In accordance with the UN resolutions, the WPC demands the immediate
withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from all territories occupied in
1967, including the Golan Heights of Syria and the establishment of the
independent state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital, alongside
Israel. Likewise we support the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

The WPC condemns the occupation of the 37% of the Cyprus Republic, which has
continued since 1974, as well as the de facto division of the country. The
WPC salutes the struggle of the Cypriot people-both Greek Cypriots and
Turkish Cypriots- to end the occupation and supports the efforts to reach a
solution soon which will lead to the reunification of the country.

The WPC takes note of the recent initiatives of India and Pakistan towards
normalization of bilateral relations, and expresses support for the peoples'
activities to promote an atmosphere of peace and harmony on the Indian

The WPC voices its concern over the US pressure on Bangladesh for a
bilateral military agreement to be reached and the establishment of a US
military base to be established in the Bay of Bengal.

The WPC expresses its solidarity with the people of Korea, which is fighting
against the US hegemonic and hostile policy and for peace on the Korean
peninsula .The WPC supports the peaceful solution of the nuclear problem
between the DPRK and the USA through negotiations. It demands the complete
withdrawal of US troops from the Korean peninsula.

The WPC expresses its sympathy and firm solidarity with the millions of
victims of the toxic chemical AGENT ORANGE used by the USA during the
Vietnam War and calls for action to help alleviate their sufferings.

The WPC expresses its solidarity with the peoples of Yugoslavia in their
struggle against the consequences of the barbarous NATO aggression, which
led to the occupation of part of Serbian territory, Kossovo, and its
transformation into a NATO protectorate. The so-called Hague Tribunal is one
example of the manipulation of truth and an attempt to legitimize the
aggression and other crimes of the USA and NATO.

The WPC denounces the imprisonment of the five Cuban political prisoners who
fought against terrorist plans in the United States, while Cuban- born
convicted terrorists are walking free in the same country. We express our
firm support and solidarity with the Cuban people which is fighting in
difficult conditions to defend its dignity and sovereignty and demand the
end of the criminal US blockade against Cuba which has lasted for four

The WPC demands the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Haiti.

We condemn the acts of the reactionary forces of the local oligarchy to
overthrow the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela in cooperation with the USA
and its allies in the region and Europe. We support the efforts for
constructing one society of justice, peace, and solidarity in accordance
with the wishes of its people.

We salute the struggle of the peoples of the Americas against the Free Trade
Area of the Americas (FTAA) and against the payment of the foreign debts as
well as against the Plan Colombia, which are two components of the US policy
of domination over the resources and wealth of Latin America and the
Caribbean on the one hand and of the military threat and interference in the
region in order to guarantee and protect its interests on the other. In this
context we salute the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) as a
sovereign proposal against the neo-liberal plans of imperialism.

Africa is paying the heavy cost of the neo-colonial and imperialist
interventions, combined with sometimes inefficient economic and social
policies, violation of human rights and democratic principles and various
other forms of social, political and cultural exclusion. Instead of bringing
more peace and better prospects of a just and sustainable development to
them, the poverty of the African peoples is increasing, dangerously
threatening the lives of millions every day and aggravating the instability
of their countries. Precious resources are often being wasted on armaments
instead of being used to efficiently combat pandemics like AIDS and malaria
and for the education and health of the peoples. The WPC strongly supports
the effective implementation of the UN resolutions on arms circulation and
mine dissemination and use on the continent, as well as on its general

The WPC denounces foreign interference in the internal affairs of African
countries and we condemn in particular the imposition of sanctions on
Zimbabwe by the British and US governments.

Challenged by the imperialist attempts of the USA to dominate the world
along with its allies, we the delegates of the Assembly of the WPC, express
our confidence and trust in humanity for its future. Through the massive and
coordinated struggles of our peoples we can achieve our objectives. The 21st
century has just begun. As never before the peoples of the world have become
conscious of the new dangers, millions of people have marched in the streets
demanding peace and justice. New uprisings of the peoples and struggles for
social transformations will appear. The new century is holds many surprises
for the enemies of the peoples' demands and rights.

On the occasion of the 55th Anniversary from the foundation of the WPC, the
Assembly calls upon all organizations and movements on the national,
regional and international levels that are ready to work and fight to defend
peace against imperialist plans, to unite our voices and action for a world
of peace, equality, justice and solidarity.



Moreno, Alessia and Maria Grazia have been released! Now the solidarity must go on with the Turkish comrades The court in Perugia, charged to review the remand in custody of the arrested anti-imperialists, ordered this morning to release Moreno Pasquinelli, Alessia Monteverdi and Maria Grazia Ardizzone. To the joy for their liberation and the happiness of having them back with us to continue together the struggle against imperialism, we have to add our political satisfaction for the victory of this important democratic battle. The struggle for freedom has now to go on for Avni Er and Zeynep Kilic, the two Turkish militants who were not released on bail and are still in prison. The castle of accusations has miserably fell down and the attempt to criminalize anti-imperialism and the support to the resistance of the Iraqi people has suffered a strong blow. The completely groundlessness of the charges has been clearly exposed: anti-imperialists are not terrorists. This time, the inspirers of the campaign lead by Magdi Allam on the pages of the Corriere della Sera have been defeated. Probably, they will soon attack us again; in the meantime we scored an important point, achieving a result which is important for us, as well as for the whole movement opposing war, imperialist politics and the occupation of Iraq. The huge political solidarity the Anti-imperialist Camp experienced in these last weeks, both on the national and the international level, has certainly contributed to the achievement of this goal. We knew we were fighting a difficult battle, in a context characterized by an obsessive campaign centered on the equation between resistance and terrorism. We also knew that the absolute juridical inconsistency of the charges was no good reason to have big hopes to get them released. So, having in view the coming decision of the Court in Perugia, we decided to gather all our efforts for this occasion. In Perugia 8 comrades of various nationalities observed during the last week a hunger strike. Thursday and Friday two of them were also seized by illness. The national press, both left and right - with the only exception of the local papers -, did not report on the protest action. But the mobilization bore finally its fruits. Now the struggle against repression has to continue to obtain the liberation of Avni and Zeynep. Together with other forces we are preparing an international meeting Against repression and black lists which will take place in Florence on June 5, 2004. On that occasion we will reassert our support to the Iraqi resistance and one of its representatives in Europe will also attend the meeting. As Anti-imperialist Camp, we are well aware of the centrality of the Iraqi issue and the importance of supporting the resistance forces till the victory. Our initiatives will be aimed at giving a prompt response to the criminal occupation which is holding as hostages whole towns like Falluja and Najaf; in the context of the International Day in support of the Iraqi Resistance scheduled for September 25 with mobilizations all over the world, we will also organize a national demonstration. Finally: the Anti-imperialist Camp will take regularly place in Assisi on the first week of August. Today s victory, with the release of Moreno, Alessia and Maria Grazia has to be a spur and an encouragement for all anti-imperialists to continue and to intensify the political fight. Freedom for the Turkish comrades! Down with the black lists of imperialism! With the Iraqi Resistance until victory! April 24, 2004 Anti-imperialist Camp




1) Protest actions for the review of remand in custody, April 23 2) Int l Action Centre (USA) solidarity message 3) Abna el Balad (Palestine) solidarity message 4) All Indian People s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) solidarity message 5) Communist Mazdor Kisan Party Pakistan solidarity message 6) List of English language solidarity messages 7) Report demo in Perugina 8) Moscow April 18: rally to protest US massacre in Iraq also to address Italian arrests *** 1) April 23 protest action to free the arrested anti-imperialists The review of the remand in custody is the last possibility to free the five Perugia anti-imperialists. Otherwise they risk to stay in prison for about two years until the trial starts and another two years for the trial with the high probability that they will be acquitted given the contradiction and monstrosity of the amalgam reproached to them. Therefore a permanent protest action on the main square of Perugia, Italy, has been scheduled from 19 to 23 April including the construction of a Guantanamo prison cell, an international hunger strike and a tent informing about the atrocities committed by the military regime in Turkey which the prosecutor happens to call democratic. We call upon the democratic an anti-imperialist forces to join us in the protest either by coming there or by sending their messages. If the accusation pass that would imply that solidarity to resistance and liberation movements equates with terrorism! *** 2) International Action Center (USA) The International Action Center of the United States protests the arrests in Turkey, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Belgium on April 1 and 2 of some 63 political activists, 40 of them in Turkey, under the phony cover of "anti-terrorism." The announced targets of this new wave of post-Madrid state repression are accused members of or sympathizers with the Turkish revolutionary organization, the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C). This working-class revolutionary group is known for its resolute struggle against the Turkish military regime and in the past few years especially for its struggle within Turkish prisons. The DHKP-C has been forced to operate illegally in Turkey, and for the last two years has been banned by the EU. Turkey is a NATO member. Despite its parliamentary government, real power still lies with the Turkish army, which in turn is dependent on its close ties to U.S. and German imperialism. The Turkish state and fascist-like death squads linked to the state have kept a steady attack on workers' organizations during this entire period, including the DHKP-C. The army has also committed mass murder against the Kurdish population. The DHKP-C's members are known for their courage and self-sacrifice in a hunger strike aimed at preventing a change in the Turkish prison system that will isolate individual political prisoners, as is done in maximum-security prisons in the United States. Although they have no evidence or even real suspicion of violent DHKP-C activity in Europe, it is apparent that the EU police apparatus has misused the fear created by attacks in Istanbul and Madrid to try to break a revolutionary workers' organization. The IAC also protests the arrests of three Italian members of the Anti-Imperialist Camp (CAI) in Perugia, Italy. The Italian capitalist media has kept up a constant attack against the CAI over the past months because that group has taken a explicit public position supporting the Iraqi armed resistance to the U.S.-led occupation of that country. Italy s big-business media has been trying to discredit the idea of solidarity with the resistance -- and even of supporting immediate withdrawal of Italian and U.S. forces from Iraq -- by equating these positions with "terrorism." The media campaign and the arrests are attempts to intimidate the massive anti-war movement in Italy, whose ranks are moving toward a clear anti-imperialist position. Free the Turkish and Italian political activists! Stop the wave of repression in Europe! International Action Center, USA (John Catalinotto) *** 3) Abnaa elBalad (Palestine) In the name of Abnaa elBalad movement, I want to send you our comradely solidarity in the face of the latest arrests of the Anti Imperialist leaders and activists. As a people and as a movement we are used to being persecuted by the racist and war-mongering regime. In the last years we came to know the Anti Imperialist camp, and to enjoy your solidarity with our plight. Now, as the imperialists are running out of ideas and as they are relying more and more on war, occupation and brute force to keep their world disorder of robbery and exploitation, they try to criminalize any resistance to their campaign of terror. We are confident that the oppressed people of the world will never accept to be subject to imperialist rule. We are confident that those people that struggle for a just and humane world order will never be silenced by arrests and persecution. Please accept our warmest solidarity in these hard times, Yoav Bar *** 4) All Indian People s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) AIPRF, India, very strongly condemns the repression being let loose by the Italian govt. We also condemn the arrest of three leaders including Moreno Pasquinelli of Anti-imperialist Camp. We also condemn the arrest of the activists / leaders of DHKP-C. We the leaders and members of AIPRF along with struggling masses of India extend our revolutionary solidarity with your struggling organisations & people. Darshan Pal AIPRF, All India President *** 5) Communist Workers Peasants Party, Pakistan (CMKP) Condemns Italian Government Facist Act Demands Release of Detained Comrades of Anti-Imperialist Camp Communist Workers Peasants Party, Pakistan (CMKP) condemns in strongest terms the arrests of Comrades Moreno Pasquinelli (the international spokesman), Alessia Monteverdi and Maria Grazia Ardizzone of Anti-imperialist Camp and two Turkish exiles, supposedly members of the DHKP-C (Avni Er and Zeynep Kilic). Their sin before the Italian government is their ceaseless political resistance to American military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in particular and US imperialist vendetta all over the world in general. They have been also exposing and hitting hard the Zionist Israeli government s savage act on the Palestinian people. Anti-Imperialist Camp s persistent struggle against imperialist intruders, barbarism, occupation and economic plunder has made the Italian government panicky, as it is also the ally of US imperialist monster. Their arrests are so far aimed at harassing them but would not deter their resolve to rock the edifice of imperialism. The criminal act speaks of its cowardice and fascist mentality. Communist Workers Peasants Party, Pakistan (CMKP) denounces such method and demands of the Italian government to immediately release them. Our comrades, at present behind the bar, are not alone but the people of the entire world are with them to fight imperialism and its puppet like Italy. CMKP feels its fraternal and international obligation to demonstrate its solidarity with Anti-Imperialist Camp at the hour of trial and tribulation. Down with fascist tactics Down with US war mongering Down with imperialism *** 6) Solidarity messages: Askapena (Basque County) Arab Cause Solidarity Committee (Spain) Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK, Greece) Communist Party of Greece /ML (KKE/ML) Workers Communist Party of Denmark (APK) Freedom Socialist Party (USA) United Peoples (USA) Workers Action (USA) Socialist Choice (Ukraine) Poetas Antiimperialista de America (Canada) Socialist Thought Forum, Jordan Anti-Repression Campaign, Brittany Communist Youth of Poland Voie DÈmocratique, Morocco International League of People s Struggle Turkey section In Defence of Marxism (Spain) Popular Democratic Left (IDP, Mexico) Construction Committee of the Revolutionary Worker s Party (Argentine) Communist Organization for the Fourth International (COFI) Abnaa elBalad (Palestine) Greek Trotskyists KDE Left Front Communist Youth Alliance (Hungary) Workers Communist Party (Norway) Bayan International (Europe) League for the 5th International Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network (USA) Taller de Arte e IdeologÌa, Mexico RefundaciÑn Comunista (Puerto Rico) Committee Against the U$ Empire (USA) Initiativ e.V., Duisburg, Germany Bangladesh National Liberation Council NAR (New Left Current) Greece Federation of University Students of Venezuela (FEUV) Struggle Initiative (Greece) Campaign For a New World, Northeast India Coordinadora SimÑn BolÌvar del Barrio 23 de Enero, Venezuela International Action Center (USA) Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist), France Revolutionary Communist League Thurigia (RKL-T), Germany Aktionskreis 24.3., Jena, Germany Colectivo Libertad, Mexico All Indian People s Resistance Forum (AIPRF) Anti-Globalist Resistance (Russia) International Forum/The Middle East Group, Denmark Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM) Anti US & Israeli Globalisation & Hegemony Movement, Lebanon Bloque del Poder Popular, MichoacÀn, Mexico Communist Workers Peasants Party, Pakistan (CMKP) Full text of solidarity messages Italian Spanish and Portuguese =+ French =+ German =+ *** 7) Liberate the truth! April 10: demonstration in Perugia to liberate the five imprisoned anti-imperialists On Saturday April 10 several hundred people gathered at the Partisan s place in Perugia, Italy, to protest the arrest of three militants of the Anti-imperialist Camp and two of the Turkish-Kurdish DHKC. Carrying banners reading Liberate the truth and Free Moreno, Maria Grazia, Alessia, Zeynep, Avni several political organisations and activists denounced the severe restrictions of the democratic liberties namely the right to free expression and association. The interventions started with Eros Francescangeli of the Anti-imperialist Camp who denounced the monstrosity of the accusations which led to the police operation of April 1. Next was Luca Frisullo, the father of the recently deceased well-known leader of then Italian pro-Kurdish movement. As a former partisan he remembered that Moreno fell victim to the same logic which brought Dino behind bars in Turkey only for having expressed solidarity with the DHKC. Leonardo Mazzei speaking on behalf of the Committees Free Iraq emphasised that the Anti-imperialist Camp has been repressed for supporting the Iraqi resistance. Aldo Bernadini, professor for international law, explained that the arrests violated both the constitution which stipulates the right to free expression as well as international law which stipulates the right to resistance. The speaker of the DHKC exposed the systematic repression of the Turkish government against the democratic and the inhuman conditions against which the political prisoners are continuing their struggle. Willi Langthaler of the Austrian section of the Anti-imperialist Camp read some of the numerous solidarity messages and reported from the protest rallies which took place in Austria, Belgium and Mexico so far. To the tunes of Bella Ciao , an old partisan hymn, the demonstration occupied a large roundabout bringing the traffic to an halt. Further speeches were delivered by Mauro Pasquinelli, the brother of Moreno, Alessandro Leoni of the Party of Communist Refoundation (Ernesto wing of Tuscany) and Francesco Giuntoli for the Confederation of Communists. ************************************ Antiimperialist Camp PF 23, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Supporters of the liberation struggles against American imperialism targeted This morning three militants of the Anti-imperialist Camp have been arrested by order of the prosecutor s office of Perugia: Moreno Pasquinelli (international spokesman of the Anti-imperialist Camp), Maria Frazia Ardizzone (member of the Political Committee of the Anti-imperialist Camp) and Alessia Monteverdi. Simultaneously at least one Turkish comrade has been arrested in the same operation. Other unconfirmed arrests are reported from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Turkey. It seems that the accusation against the activists of the Anti-imperialist Camp is to have helped Turkish revolutionary militants who had been forced into exile by the regime in Ankara where the military still pull the strings. The media campaign of criminalisation led first of all by Magdi Allam in the pages of Corriere della Sera seems to bear its first fruits. Only yesterday afternoon we symbolically occupied the Roman office of Corriere della Sera to protest the campaign of defamation and persecution against the Anti-imperialist Camp. Today s arrests are obviously a reprisal against all those who support the resistance and liberation struggle of the Iraqi people against the barbaric and illegitimate occupation led by the US and its allies, among them Italy. On March 20 more than one million Italians affirmed the right of the Iraqi people to resist and many of the demonstrators expressed their open and clear support to the Iraqi resistance. This is frightening the Italian government and the political class of all proveniences who are unified in their all out support for Washington s doctrine of the American Empire. There are terrified that the masses refuse their mystifying equation resistance = terrorism . It is the same equation postulated by the Nazi occupants known under Achtung Banditen . This formula is being used to cover any crime of the Empire of Stares and Stripes and its servile allies in their struggle against the anti-imperialist resistance throughout the world. The operation carried out by the Italian police against the Anti-imperialist Camp and the Turkish militants inscribes itself in the very same logic of global repression in the service of American dominium. The police action of today is clearly a political one designed to repress the surging movement against the occupation by smashing its vanguard. One evidence is that the arrest warrants bears the data of February 23! The events of today are sign of a qualitative increase of the level of repression in our country. Applying the notorious anti-terrorist legislation of article 270bis the detained are denied access to an advocate for five days depriving them of any right to legal defence. They want to smash the Anti-imperialist Camp in order to smash all the anti-imperialists and all those who oppose the pre-emptive and permanent war of Bush. We call upon all those who struggle against the US world order, upon all those who took to the streets on March 20 to demand the end of the occupation of Iraq, upon all those democrats who defend the right to free political expression against the logic of repression unleashed by the totalitarism of the dominant corporate thought to take immediate action and to make their voices heard. Free Alessia, Maria Grazia and Moreno! Free the Turkish revolutionaries! *** Solidarity statements are urgently requested!







January 2004


No interest on Serb victims

Markus Bickel, Berliner Zeitung, January 17, 2004

Finnish pathologist Helena Ranta said the work of the Hague tribunal regarding the so-called Racak massacre was incomprehensible. The former head of the forensic team the European Union sent to the Kosovo-Albanian village of Racak in January 1999 to investigate the events there, in a conversation with Berliner Zeitung, criticized the UN tribunal for not following up the evidence that there was heavy fighting between Serb soldiers and the Kosovo-Albanian fighters during the night of January 15-16, 1999 in the Racak-region. Western politicians used the tragedy in the village of Racak, where 40 Albanians died exactely 5 years ago, to prove to the public that the upcoming NATO attack on Yugoslavia was necessary. US diplomat William Walker played the leading role. The chief of the OSCE mission in Kosovo immediately accused the Serbs of having killed 45 unarmed Albanian civilians at close range in Racak. The Serbian side rejected this interpretation und spoke instead about KLA soldiers killed in battle. Pictures not published She knew, that at that time "KLA-fighters were buried around Racak," said Ranta. "At that time I received information that proved that several Serb soldiers had been killed as well. Unfortunately, we will never know the exact number of Serb soldiers that died that night." It would be appropriate "to ask the tribunal why they are not interested in that number." Ranta criticized the indictment against former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in the case of Racak for mostly following the Walker version. "When Ambassador Walker said that there was a massacre at Racak, this statement had no legal value. I declared at that time that the OSCE-observers forgot to take all steps necessary to secure a crime scene: isolating the area, refusing admission to all unauthorized persons and colletinig all material evidence. Ranta demanded that in addition to the OSCE pictures the tribunal also use the pictures taken by two additional photographers, shot several hours prior to the arrival of OCSE-observers. The pictures show "that at least one of the bodies was moved afterwards Á?" that body is not seen on OSCE-pictures." Left in the lurch In the days prior to the NATO-attack on Yugoslavia it was clear "that a bunch of governments were interested in a version of Racak that blamed only the Serb side," said Ranta. "But I could not provide this version." Her instructions came from the German diplomat Pauls. The representative of the then-German EU-presidency asked for a written statement. "Afterwards, I had to show these personal statements to William Walker, who was obviously not amused when he read it." Still, she agreed to take part in the important press conference on March 17, 1999. "At that (conference), I was sitting with the German ambassador to Belgrade, Gruber, and a Finnish diplomat on the podium. I hoped that those gentlemen would support me." But that was not the case. "I rather had the feeling that I was left in the lurch," said Ranta. As a result of the Walker dominated press-conference most of the media accepted the version of a Serb massacre of Albanian civilians as proven. A few days later the NATO-airattacks on Yugoslavia began. (Translated from German by C.Schuetz & J.Catalinotto)

SLOBODA urgently needs your donation. Please find the detailed instructions at: To join or help this struggle, visit: (Sloboda/Freedom association) (the international committee to defend Slobodan Milosevic) (German section of ICDSM) (US section of ICDSM) (ICDSM Ireland) (world peace council) (Balkan antiNATO center)

November 2003

1) Open letter of three leading Iraqi Communists to support the resistance
2) Donate 10 Euro for the Iraqi resistance
3) Int’l Days Of Struggle Against Isolation, Florence, Italy


1) Open letter of three leading Iraqi Communists to support the resistance

“condemn the Iraqi Communist Party and all those who have participated in war and occupation”

The organization which was considered as the staring point of the Iraqi Communist Party was called “Committee for struggle against colonialism and investment”. In this context, we observe the summation of aspects of struggle for national independence and the realization of socialism’s dreams and aspirations.

These aspects should remain firmly unchangeable. Unfortunately, the current leaders of the Iraqi Communist Party have abandoned this historical fact and have converted the idea of antagonism to imperialism into collaboration with the imperialist foe. This change has become apparent and translucent thirteen years ago, before the first war of aggression against Iraq. The leaders of the Iraqi Communist Parties justify their collaboration with the American imperialists and their coalition partners by the convergence of common interest to rid Iraq of dictatorship and the build up of democracy in that country.

The prolonged and vicious police atrocities which were directed against all progressive political decedents, the closeness of all doors of reconciliation by the dictatorship which could have resolved the internal political disputes peacefully and stopped the social bleeding have created the suitable environment to weaken the Iraqis resolve to stand against the imperialist invasion of Iraq; the consequence of which has been manifested as loss of sovereignty and national independence, dissolving the army, destruction of the economy and national historical heritage and, moreover, the country’s wealth has been sold in an open international auction as it has been revealed lately.

The American leadership has prepared the different Iraqi political movements to participate in this war through false promises like rescuing Iraq from a dictatorship and establishing a democratic regime. Among these political movements who have collaborated with the imperialists was the ICP. The dictatorship was responsible for the fall out of the different political movements which have gambled and preferred to collaborate with the invaders especially the Americans. However, all political parties which have participated in the invasion of Iraq are fully and directly responsible for the spread of the false American propaganda of Iraq’s liberation.

The participation of the leadership of the Iraqi Communist Party in the so called Provisional Council which were created by the occupiers was already planed before the initiation of the war and the occupation of the country. The leadership of the Communist Party are not truthful when saying that they were not pro war or proponent for the occupation of Iraq, or when claiming that they want to put an end to the occupation. The ICP and the other political movements which are cooperating with the occupation have united themselves with the occupier and therefore it is worthless to try to correct them.

These deviated movements claimed that they would negotiate a settlement with the occupiers and give them an unlimited period of time to end the occupation. This would mean perpetuation of the occupation. Therefore, it is only the people’s struggle by all necessary means available and under a unified national anti- occupation front will put an end for the occupation and put Iraq in the right path towards building a prosperous democratic society.

We look forward that your party, all other progressive and socialist parties and human right organizations continue supporting the struggle of the Iraqi people and to provide the urgent human needs for the war and occupation victims. We also hope that you would condemn the political stand of the ICP and all those political parties which have participated in the planning of the war and the perpetuation of the occupation. We also ask you to obliterate all contacts with them and instead establish contacts with and listen to the voices of other Iraqi national organizations which constitute the rainbow of the Iraqi society and which are anti-occupation and struggle on a daily basis for free and progressive Iraq.

At the end I would like to point out that I am a member of the Iraqi Communist Party since 1948 and one of the leaders who contributed actively in rebuilding the party following the political oppressions in 1963, 1971 and 1978. The majority of the Communist Party members and the Iraqi leftists who participated in the struggle against dictatorship since decades and who are against the current political direction of the Iraqi Communist Party Leadership have previously read this letter.

Best wishes,

Baqer Ibrahim, member of PB

Nov 9, 2003

As well as:
Karim Achmed
Dr Khalid Al-Salam
Patriotic Democratic Iraqi Communist Current

Note by the editor: All of the signatories have been members of the Iraqi Communist Party for about half a century and have been high ranking officials.

This is an abbreviated version. See the full call:


2) Support the Iraqi resistance!
Donate 10 euro

The US is attempting to erect a global empire negating all what they pretend would constitute “American values” incarnated by the “New World Order”: prosperity, peace and democracy.

Never in the history of mankind the social rift between the wretched of the world and the Western rulers including their environment was so abysmal as today. Therefore the US has to destroy basic democratic right violating their own constitution with the Patriot act and creating a category of “sub-humans” interned in Guatanamo and elsewhere. Against the social, cultural and political aspirations of the popular masses of the world to self-determination they have been waging a permanent and preventive war leading the world into a third generalized carnage.

In Iraq we can stop the US world empire. As it was the duty of every democratic oriented person to support the resistance against the imperialist campaign of the Nazis it is now our duty to support the Arab and Iraqi resistance against the American conquerors.

Free Iraq and Palestine!
US troops out of the Middle East!

Pls. transfer your donation with the keyword "Iraq" to:

IBAN AT646000000092125137
PSK, A-1018 Wien

Further information:


3) International Days Of Struggle Against Isolation

19-20 December 2003: Symposium
21 December 2003: cultural event


Political prisonership and the prison resistance: historical reasons, strategic meaning, position of the class struggle (the national and people’s liberation struggles and social struggles)

The reasons or pretexts for the isolation practice: treatment (practices of rules of behaviour), rehabilitation demagogies, political pressure, destruction of oppositional identity

Practices in the isolation prisons: practice and experiences from the F-Types (Turkey), Control Units (USA), FIES (Spain), QHS (France), Stammheim (Germany), Greece, Italy, Spain and other countries.

The national and international aspects of the prison resistances: from the method of the middle age dungeons to the recent globalisation of isolation prisons, isolation politics after the 11th September (the fight against terrorism demagogies and black lists), from the F-Types to Guantanamo...

The dimensions of the isolation practices: human, juridical, medical and political dimension

Globalisation of the struggle against isolation: Communication with the prisoners, international cooperation of prisoner’s relatives and solidarity organisations, the need of an international organisation, which organizes international actions against attacks on prisoners.

Death fast: Background, the situation today, attitude of the left, attitude of imperialism (EU-USA), attitude of silenceness and ignorance.


1- Neurologist Gianfranco di Maio (Italy, specialist in Wernicke Korsakoff)
2- Grazia Cecconi, lawyer and writer (Italy, she will present a book and a film, which she prepared on the death fast)
3- Vainer Burani, lawyer (Italy)
4- Orsola Casagrande, journalist (Italy, for the newspaper Il Manifesto)
5- Muhammed Safa (Lebanon, Rehabilitation Center of the El Khiam Torture Victims)
6- Ibrahim Mahajna, lawyer (Palestine, Human Rights Committee)
7- Representative of the Cuban Consulate in Rome, as the brother and lawyer of Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cuban 5)
8- Committee "Free the Five" from Austria
9- Pol MacAdaim, musician (Ireland)
10- BEHATOKIA (Basque Country, Observatory for Human Rights)
11- Julen Arzuaga, lawyer (Basque Country)
12- Rote Hilfe (Germany)
13- Unity 18 October (Germany)
14- PAME (Worker's Front Greece)
15- OLME (Federation of Teacher Trade Unions)
16- Tayad Komite, Hamburg (Germany)
17- Initiativ e.V. (Germany)
18- Ramon Bada (PCPE- Communist Party of the People's of Spain)
19- Iranian Association for political refugees (Germany)
20- Andrea Bertolini, journalist (Italy)
21- Peter Novak, journalist (Germany)
22- Vesile Yücel, lawyer (Germany)
23- Murat Demir, lawyer (Germany)
24- Silvia Petrini, lawyer (Italy)
25- Professor Antonella Sapio, (Italy, University Florence)
26- Sandro Targetti, parliamentarian (Florence regional parliament, Rifundazione Comunista)
27- Giovanni Barbagli, parliamentarian (Toscana parlament, PRC)
28- Alessandro Leoni, (Florence municipal, PRC)
29- Heidi Giuliani (Italy, mother of Carlo Giuliani)
30- Professor Marcella della Donne (Italy)
31- Doktor Paola Cecchi (Italy, WILPF- Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)
32- Emmanuela Rubini (Italy, AZAD)
33- Mammad Süleymanov, journalist (Azerbaijan)
34- Renato Romei, parliamentarian (Florenz parlament, DS-Left Democrats)
35- Abderrahim Mhassini (Marocco, Annahj Addimocrati)
36- Martin Mulholland (Ireland, IRPWA)
37- Christopher Kelley (Ireland, IPSC)
38- AIK (Antiimperialist Coordination)
39- Fausto Schiavetto (Italy, Soccorso Popolare)
40- Laboratore Marxista (Italy)
41- International Forum (Denmark)
42- Karla (Italy, Novo Unita)


1- NDF (National Democratic Front, Philippines)
2- Break The Chains (USA)
3- Dario Fo, writer (Italy)
4- Revolutionary Communist Group (England)
5- Rote Hilfe International/Revolutionärer Aufbau (Switzerland)
6- Marco Camenisch Solidarity Committee
7- International Solidarity Committee for Milosevic
8- PRD (Indonesia)
9- Arab Palestine Club (Austria)
10- Palestine Association (Austria)
11- Iranian Students Concil (Austria)
12-Bulgarian Communist Party
13- Nederlands Palestina Komitee


1- Bilgesu Erenus, writer and artist
2- Selçuk Kozagaçli, lawyer
3- Ahmet Kulaksiz, relatief of martyrs in the death fast
4- Sadi Özbolat (ex-prisoner, Association for Fundamental Rights and
5- Abdurrahman Dilipak, writer
6- Cezmi Ersöz, writer
7- Tekin Tangün (Tayad)
8- Sanar Yurdatapan, artist
9- Ruhan Mavruk, poet
10- Hüseyin Karabey, stage director ("Silent Death")
11- Mazlum-Der Association


1- Henri Alleg, writer (France)
2- Angela Davis, Law Professor (USA)
3- Mark Barnsley, Ex-Prisoner (UK)

Full programme:

Antiimperialist Camp
PF 23, A-1040 Vienna, Austria