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2008 Moscow Chronicles

July 5.

The picket against  policy of the USA all over the world and especially in the Middle east was held in front of the place of the celebration of the Day of Independence of the USA. One of the slogans was 'Stop war on Iran' as anti-globalists endorse the potest campaign of the USA activist with the same slogan. Among participants there were representatives of four communist parties (incl.CPRF), youth, orthodox activists.

April 23

The discussion on "meteorological weapons' was held in co-operance with the editorial board of the journal 'Nash Sovremennik'

March 24

Anti-globalists in Voronezh (central region of Russia) organized flash-mob against NATO on the occasion of the Day of the Anti-globalist Resistance.

March 22

The meeting against the activity of NATO, was held in Moscow before the Day of the Anti-globalist Resistance. The slogans against expansion of NATO and activities of Ukrainian "orange" government, against secession of Kosovo, for non-recognized republics were demonstrated/ One could see red banners of communists (CPRF) and young communist group AKM and banners of patriotic parties (RONS, NS), icons of orthodox church and Serbian flags.Photo

March 20

The activists of "Anti-Globalist Resistance' posted a picket near the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (Russian Federation) to support the attempts of Pridnestrovye (Transdnester Republic), Abkhazia and South Osetia to be recognized as independent countries.Photo

March 11

The Committee on commemoration of Slobodan Milosevic held conference on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of his death. The lections on international law and the situation on Balkan peninsula were delievered by S.Baburin (rector of the University of Economics and Trade), Jorje Marti Martines, Ambasador of Cuba, Borislav Milosevic, former Ambassador of Yugoslavia in RF, M.Kuznetsov, chairman of the Non-governmental tribunal on crimes of the NATO in former Yugoslavia, poet Yole Stanisic and others/


February 18

The communists of Moscow together with youth and femine organisations and anti-globalists organised a meeting against the activities of the USA supporting albanian separatists and narco-traders in Kosovo. The Deputee of the State Parliament V.S.Nikitin claimed the globalisators for their attempts to liquidate the Slavonic culture and states. The participants held slogans "No to the state of narco traders", " Those who erect the 4th Reich will have the same end as the 3d Reich" and others. See also,, Photo



On February 2 the Third All-Russia Anti-globalist forum took place. It was attended by more then 500 anti-globalists including Ortodox groups from more then 20 regions of Russia, from Ukraine, Belorussia and Serbia. Greetings from L.Larouche (USA), from "Antiimperialist Camp" (Austria - Germany - Italy), from Iraq and from anti-globalists of Armenia and Azerbaidjan were received. Some papers, including one from Kazakhstan were presented in absence of authors.

The program "Future. Antiglobalist project' was adobted. This means that anti-globalists of communist orientation agree with orthodoxes and other groups that are against the new world order about the ideal of future.

Resolutions supporting the strugle against NATO, for peace in the Middle East, against the declaration of the independence of Albanian Kosovo and some others were declared.

The appeal for celebration of the Day of Anti-Globalist resistance by anti-NATO rallies was proclaimed.