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2006 Moscow Chronicles

December 22.

The Conference concerning the modern problems of children and parents was held in Moscow. The participants agreed with the proposals of the All-Russia Forum of parents (Ekaterinburg, november 11) to foundate a parents' organisation aimed to fight against violation of children and parents rights. The decision was supported by clerical groups and communist organisations.

December 10. The Anti-Globalist Resistance summed up the results of the poll and declared Slobodan Milosevic " the antiglobalist of the year 2006. Other leaders of the poll are the President of Belorussia A.Lukashenko and the Ukrainian politician Natalia Vitrenko. Fidel Castro was declared "the greatest fighter against imperialism of the century". In 2005 it was Hugo Chavez who was declared "the antiglobalist of the year'. This year he was also often mentioned by the respondents just as Evo Morales, Saddam Hussein and many other politicians, authors, singers.

November 4-7.  The members of the Antiglobalist Resistance took part in manifestations devoted to the Day of the National Unity and to the 89 anniversary of the Great October Revolution. The slogan was "No to globalism" 

July 20-28.  Meetings of protest against the Israeli aggression in Lebanon were organized by CPRF with the help Of Anti-Globalist resistance, arab students and antiimperialist organisations.

The 2nd Forum of Russian anti-globalists was held on July 7 in Moscow ( 13 Komsomolskiy prospect). Openening at 12.00.

Program: An appeal to the G8 and the citizens of these countries. Foundation of the Memorial commitee devoted to Slobodan Milosevic. Plans. (To be translated in English in some time)



June 28. On June 28 the “anti-globalist resistance” held a meeting that opened the campaign on the occasion of the Summit G-8 in S-Petersburg. The speakers reminded that on June  28 2001 Slobodan Milosevic had been deportated to the Hague prison that he never left afterwards. The slogans of the meeting claimed the crimes of NATO. The participants insisted on liquidation of the Hague Tribunal and punishing the murderers. Young anti-globalists and communists organized a performance showing ‘the monument to the new world order’. Russian anti-globalists are going to held on July 7 the forum and to proclaim there “The Committee for commemoration of Slobodan Milosevic’.

 June 7. Communists and the "Anti-globalist resistance" organised 2 meetings supporting the citizens of Crimea protesting against the NATO invasion - an attempt of the US Navy to build a base near Feodosiya.

 May 30. The Moscow anti-globalists held the discussion concerning the proposals to the Charter declaring the principles of the resistance to the new world order. Many scientists, philosophers and physicians declared "the new world order" extremely dangerous for all inhabitants of the Eart (including the so called "Gollden billion')

May. 18.05. Russia against NATO. The rally of NATO in Russia, aimed to improve the image of this organization caused a wave of protests in every city where PR actions took place. In Moscow anti-globalists gathered various communist and youth groups in front of the University of Linguistics where one of the PR conferences of NATO was to take place. Due to vehement protests the conference was postponed. The anti-imperialist groups hold also protest meetings near the Foreign Office and some other places of NATO PR-activity.

April. The Anti-globalist resistance organized some demos against the blocade of Transistria. Though they were forbidden the participants expressed their indignation by spreading pamphlets and sending letters to the Embassy of Ukraine.  On April 13 the representatives of several organizations making part of the Anti-Globalist resistance demonstrated in front of the Embassy of Ukraine.

March. On the occasion of the death of Slobodan Milosevic anti-globalists organized the frst funeral meeting near the Embassy of the Netherlands. They took also parts in the meeting of communists on March 13. The Book of condolence was opened on the web-site.

24.03  - The Day of the anti-globalist resistance. This year it was mostly devoted to the memory of Slobodan Milosevic. Moscovites and S.-Peresburgers also wanted to blame the USA imperialism for its crimes in Yugoslavia (bombardments in 1999 and riots in Kosovo in 2004), in Iraq and Afganistan. We also wanted to support a little independent country Transistria (Pridnestrovie) that does not want to enter the pro-western Moldova and now it suffers from economic blocade. And of course -to congratulate Lukashenko, who coped with the "velvet revolution" inspired by imperialists. Yet the meeting was forbidden - without reasons. In this situation Moscovites invited the Deputy of Duma - they have rights to organize a little meeting without preliminary admissions. When we gathered and began to prepare portraits of Milosevic, some of us were arrested. Still the rest made police to let the caught friends out as there were lawyers among them. But we were not allowed to wait for the invited Deputy and were made to enter the nearest underground station. So it was the Day of resistance in fact.

February. The meeting against the laws about identification numbers and personal data bases was held in Moscow. Prominent Christian authors as V.Osipov and V.Manyagin and others held speeches.